Why Vitamin B12 Deficiency Leads To Gray Hair?

In order to fulfill the day to day needs of your health, vitamins play the most significant role. Every vitamin is responsible for the different body functions. Vitamin B12, for example, is vital for controlling the metabolism of the body system and it helps to function your central nervous system in order. It is also an essential vitamin to invigorate Melanocytes cells that are responsible for hair pigmentation.

Why does hair grow Gray?

Do you know that your hair is white at the start, and then it is colored by the natural pigment, called Melanin? It is amino acid that gives pigment of the skin. The melanocytes cells near the hair follicles are passed through the hair and color them. With the age the less activity of the cells affect the pigmentation and hair starts graying.

Of course, the genetics plays a role behind graying of hair. The change of hormones also play an important part in turning your gray. With all this factors, climatic conditions and the toxins in environment also affect your hair.

What does Vitamin B-12 contribute for hair?

Every vitamin contributes individually to the health nourishment. Similarly Vitamin B12(Cobalamin) is also the part of the whole functionality of the body. The most important contribution of the vitamin is the production of Red Blood Cell that carries oxygen to the systems for survival.

vitamin b12 deficiency gray hair

The deficiency of vitamin b12 is responsible for making hair gray

It is the Vitamin 12 that makes the body assured of the supply of the oxygen. As we are always busy with the hectic schedule, sometimes we ignore giving much importance to the nutritional facts.

Very soon it causes deficiency in Vitamin B12 as well as different related symptoms like joint pain, yellow skin, mouth ulcer, shortness of breath, depressions, problem of memory. Of all the symptoms, the premature graying of hair is greatly related to the deficiency of this Vitamin B 12.

As the foundation of a house needs to be strong to withstand any weather condition, the same is true for hair. Vitamin B12 works at the foundation level of growth of hair and helps maintain the healthy level Amino Acid Methionine. It is the building block of the hair.

How important is Vitamin B-12 for hair color?

Those who wish to turn their hair color from gray to black, Vitamin B-12 is vitally important for them. Not only that, it prevents further hair graying. According to the expert, the dietary deficit of vitamin B-12 might be the cause of gray hair. It might happen in case of children also.

It is often found that in spite of consuming enough Vitamin B-12, there might be deficiency of the vitamin.
It is because of fact that the vitamin is absorbed excessively and can’t be stored. The Dietary Reference Intake, or DRI, established for vitamin B-12 is 2.4 mg per day for males and females age 14 and over. One who want to get rid of the problem of gray hair must take retain the vitamins.

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Why one comes upon with the Vitamin B12 deficiency?

The causes of Vitamin B 12 deficiency are very common. Among them taking vegetarian or vegan diet or having any weight-loss surgery is remarkable. This vitamin is not manufactured by the plant. It is available in eggs, meat, poultry and in dairy products.

The strict vegetarians are more prone to develop the risk of growing deficiency of this vitamin if they never take grain or any vitamin supplements.

Those who have undergone any kind weight lose related surgery, might face the shortage of this vitamin. Because after the surgery, the stomach becomes less active to take out Vitamin B12 out of food. Of course, some of the diseases sometimes interfere with the extractions of the vitamin.

How Vitamin B12 helps promoting hair

The nutritional deficit of Vitamin B12 happens rarely. But if the body is unable to utilize the vitamin, it then only leads to deficiency syndrome. For the young people, this deficiency is very rare. But that older people are likely to be affected with mild deficient. Their acidic stomach needs absorption of Vitamin B12.

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It has many hair related benefits when taken in right amount. Only the people with Vitamin B deficit can take supplements for the proper growth of hair.

Premature Hair Loss

People lacking in Vitamin B 12 often found to suffer from untimely hair loss. Consuming of diet insufficient in the Vitamin B 12, leads to this conditions. Because the body cannot prepare Vitamin B 12, on its own.

It cannot utilize the food you eat without vitamin B 12. This gives rise to underfed cells of hair follicle. This slows down the growth of hair.

Hair Growth

With right level of Vitamin B 12, the hair follicles receive nutrients to stimulate growth of hair. The proper nourishment of the cells will help emerging of the formerly lost hair.

Healthy Hair

For maintaining Vitamin B 12 is important for healthy nervous system and the formation of red blood cells and a compromise in either of these can affect our hair.


Melanin, the amino acid in form, support healthy growth along with boosting function. It is responsible for the pigmentation and color of hair and skin. Vitamin B12 helps to encourage the re-pigmentation of the hair and also maintains the original color of the hair.

Being aware of the consumption of food and drink and also the products you buy for the use and how you deal with stress, can help you improving the health and wellbeing of your hair.

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