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egg oil for hair

Egg Oil: A natural Solution For Hair Treatment

Everyone wants their hair to look great always, but without proper treatment this cannot be achieved. Hair disorders also called alopecia is common among many people. This condition ...
amla oil for hair

Amla Oil – Benefits, Facts, How To Make and Use Properly

Regardless of their race, creed or cast, women will always be on the same page when it comes to hair topics. Every woman wants to have that long, strong and shiny hair like the ones ...
Pseudocatalase cream for gray hair

The Miracle Pseudocatalase Cream For Gray Hair

The year 2013 was a great year at least a wonderful discovery was made. A modified pseudocatalase, which is regarded as a new compound that can help to reverse oxidative stress was ...
oily hair

What Makes Hair And Scalp Oily? Here Are EXACT Reasons With Remedies

The hair on the scalp depicts the personality of an individual. Whatever makeup you put on, if you have a good hair style then that adds a new dimension to the beauty. However, it is ...
how to control sebum

SEBUM – Overproduction Issue, Reasons (How-to Control Guide)

Taking care of the skin is easy if you know the root cause of the problem. Sometimes there is a single cause which you have to deal with. At other times, there are multiple reasons. Here ...
old man's gray hair

Gray Hair GENE Found: Can Graying be Stopped?

It has been well established for a very long period of time, that our genetic structure is responsible for the color of our hair. But, recently, the scientists have managed to pick ...
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