Top 10 Gray Hair Myths, What Actually The Myths Reveal?

As the victims of gray hair are increasing day by day, whether the person is old or young, the sufferers now are believing about many myths of gray hair. Their confusion arises when they lose their nice, stylish black hair at a younger age.

The aged or old people also very worried about their white hair and that is the most striking matter in recent time. They become frustrated and do not have proper knowledge about it and moreover, will not find any solution and therefore, they need to depend on these myths without knowing the main facts.

Here are the top 10 myths about gray hair and the common people will not go beyond these myths.

Myth-1: Hair can turn gray or white within one night

It has been believed from a century that “panic” can be the cause of turning hair gray or white. Elaborately, we can say that if any person has a bad experience of fright in a night, he may become the victim of white or gray hair.

This is nothing but a superstition because “hair” is called as a dead cells and the dead tissue cannot produce anything. The scientist named Marie Antoinette believe that the color of hair is occurred genetically or it turns into white or gray after reaching in a certain age of human beings and so, there is no relationship between the change of hair color and a night only.

Myth-2: Two gray hairs grow back if one is plucked

If people get a gray hair, they will eagerly want to pluck it quickly. Some people think that if you pluck one gray hair, then it will grow two gray hairs in the same place later and that is the common myth about hair gray.

The cosmetic scientist named Randy Schueller says that no problem will occur if you pluck one gray hair, then there is no possibility to grow more in the same place.

Again he states that if you are lucky enough, then you can get, the more blackest hairs by removing one gray because in melanogenesis process where follicles create more pigments for changing the hair color quickly and will get back to you the black hair as well.

Myth-3: You can protect your hair from graying if you wash hair everyday

gray hair myths

Beatrice Murch with his gray hair; Photo By: Beatrice Murch

There has been an ancient tale about gray hair that if you wash your hair everyday, then you will get relief from growing gray hair.

There are no scientifically proven approaches found in this superstitious matter as the scientists have made a research where they clearly mention that we can make our hair oil free, and also can protect from natural germs, if we wash and dry hairs every day but this not related to preventing gray hair growing by washing hair regularly.

Myth-4: Extreme dyeing is responsible for gray hair

“Extreme dyeing can be responsible for gray hair” is the most common myth about hair gray and most probably, you are definitely familiar with this prove less truth.

Even the parents do not give permission to their child for extreme dyeing, like making their hair blue, purple and with other various colors by dyeing. It is nothing but an ancient approach and dyeing your hair excessively will not responsible for turning your hair gray.

Myth-5: Hair turns gray just later of Trauma

There is a fictitious matter found in the old age that the hair starts to change its color just after having been a gothic experience of a person. We cannot believe this kind of worthless tales, considering that just only a little traumatic experience is being responsible for growing gray hair as it has no scientific record.

It is undoubtedly true that excessive stress is related to growing gray hair, but it is impossible for changing the hair color from a maximum portion of the head just being faced with a one traumatic incident.

Myth-6: Excessive sun ray causes gray hair

Though the sunshines produce harmful rays and the access sunlight fades the color of the human body, there is no scientific discovery found that excessive sun ray causes for growing gray hair.

This message will give benefits to the people who do not agree to come out from home without covering their head, like adding a hat and keeping scurf (concerning ladies) in the extreme sunlight. Now, they can dare to come out during heavy sunlight by forgetting this myth.

Myth-7: You can reverse the process of your hair graying

There are several ways to reverse your hair graying but ultimately, these do not have any actual benefits at all. In this aspect, please, note that deficiency of vitamin C, thyroid diseases and bad habits like smoking will ensure the process of gray hair.

If you want to fix with graying hair quickly, then need to maintain the stable or everlasting hair dyeing process. So, forget this myth and focus on the real facts.

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Myth-8: Menopause causes gray hair

The earliest myth known “menopause causes gray hair” which is recently invented as a false approach. Yes, of course, menopause is the symbol of becoming old, but it does not prove that gray hair will be kept around in this process.

It is known to all that when the people become aged, they do not have the ability to produce the proper portion of catalase. So, in the old age, our hair turns into gray in color normally.

Myth-9: Am I the same sufferer like my mom to get gray hair so early?

Though people believe this type of worthless myth, there is no proved record found at all. It is true that a child brings the same gene from their parents, but if we say specifically according to science, then must believe that every person carries the different genes from others.

So, if you want to keep your hair more blackish, then the proper steps should be taken and you need not to worry. By taking the proper steps, you can save your hair by protecting from turning gray.

Myth-10: Long lasting hair dye can be a single way of covering a good number of intractable hair gray

Please, just forget about this myth and try to focus on the recently invented scientific proposal about it. If you want to look so smart, then do no need to take the permanent dyeing option for covering your gray hair.

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The scientists can obscure the false revelation about these top 10 gray hair myths. The reality of these myths have been shown, but the question still arises in our mind that will the people really agree on these scientific discoveries against these false tales in the future?

5 Responses to “Top 10 Gray Hair Myths, What Actually The Myths Reveal?”

  1. Navin says:

    In India, people believe that using hair oil will prevent and possibly reverse hair graying, which is also a myth.

  2. ed says:

    In my opinion gray hair looks beautiful. Why not let nature work and and make people look nice when they grow older?
    Shanti Shanti

  3. Aldrin says:

    i m just 15 n i also hve some gray hair ….my parents tell that colouring hair can speed up the graying process and also that if you pluck 1 gray strand then 10 gray strands grow on the other hand … all this true ??

    • Charlie says:

      Did you actualy read the article? :D

    • Honey says:

      Yes – your parents are right – i’ve seen it happen with many people including my mother – say if you have 10-15 grey hairs and you dye it…within one month you will have 50-60 grey hairs and so on. Otherwise you may just get 2-3 new greys in a month but colouring it speeds it up. A friend of mine had about 20 grey hairs and dyed it for 3 months. Now she’s almost all white and she’s only 30. Sometimes medically things may be a ‘myth’ because doctors have not been able to scientifically prove it but in reality I prefer to learn from others’ experiences and from what I observe.

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