How Malnutrition Is Responsible For Early White Hair

Though genetics, heredity and ageing are the main reasons for white hair, we cannot neglect the truth that the possibility of graying is high when our body suffer from malnutrition. In the other words, we can even say that the lack of vitamins, specially B-12 can be the clearest indication of white hair.

If you maintain a balance diet and take nutritious foods to your dining table daily, will never be a patient of anemia.

Please, note that anemia damages the proper absorbent power of blood cells and that is why these cells lose their capability to suck vitamin B-12 and as a result, it causes growing white hair. The ordinary injection of B-12 may help you to cure soon from anemia.

Yes, of course malnutrition is responsible for white hair

Generally, we believe that hair turns into gray when we reach in a certain age like 40s, but it has been proved by science that malnutrition causes white hair in just early 20s or even so before.

how malnutrition causes white hair

Salmon fish is rich in vitamin b-12. So you can add salmon fish in your diet; Credit: pixabay

So, the most striking question is how malnutrition is responsible for causing premature gray hair? The deficiency of nutrition is not only related to extreme hair loss, but also is highly connected to whitening hair as well.

The insufficient portion of nutrition breaks the power of follicles to produce enough melanin pigment to the hair.

According to the recently found medical record reveals that vitamin-A, B, sodium, iodine, zinc, copper and of course, iron are the most essential elements of melanin pigmentation.

Therefore, the lack of these important compounds found in the human body can occur anemia, thyroid problems as well as growing white hair too.

Therefore, if you do not want to be a patient of anemia, thyroid disorder and not to tolerate your hair turning white so early, then eat the foods daily which will have huge amounts of vitamin B-12, iron, iodine and etc.

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