Is It True That Bleach Contributes To The Graying Of Hair?

Now-a-days, bleaching is very common for all but people do not know that it is harmful for hair damage. There is a clinically found record proving that bleaching occurs hair damage, but we do not get any medically based evident that whether it is responsible for white hair or not rather special cases.

The scientists believe that it causes, of course, hair damage or hair fall, but not supports totally for whitening hair.

How does bleach damage hair and change color?

Though bleaching causes hair damage, but we cannot highly prohibited to use as to bleach on your hair may helpful to give us a wonderful look. It can be prevented a little bit, if you use quality based products rather very cheap or contaminated chemicals.

does bleach cause gray hair

Marie is bleaching her hair; Photo By: Marle

Bleach along with highlights harmful to your hair as in the oxidation process, it eliminates the hair colors.

The possibility of turning your hair white for bleaching a little bit, if you take a long time after applying chemicals on the skin rather removing in a short time. Excessive bleaching may occur in growing yellow hair as keratin naturally, looks like a yellow in color.

Therefore, we can say that bleaching damages the proper hair growth and too much applying it in the scalp increases the possibility of whitening hair because of the oxidation process.

Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia are the ingredients found in the bleaching chemicals and the mixture of these two compounds create a problem for the proper hair growth and nourishment.

So, if you want to look so stylish, then can bleach your hair very rarely and will apply it for parties only. It will help you to get a proper prevention for hair damage as well as changing hair colors too.

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