What Makes Kids To Have Untimely Graying Of Hair?

Although graying of hair is normal for the adult people, it might be idiosyncratic for the kids. But, it is not impossible that a child at any age can have gray hair. With the growing of age, it is very common traits for any individual to have a gray hair as the production of melanin almost slowed down or do not produce.

This situation causes hair to be more and much more transparent. But, the youngsters don’t hold the issue of low production of melanin. In spite of that, why such unnatural thing happens to a 4-year old child is a big question for the parents.

Here is an effort to explore the cause. It might be many. Most commonly the graying hair can be associated with the problem of nutrition like anemia and deficiencies of vitamin-B 12. For not getting enough iron a child can be anemic.

Similarly, stick to the vegan diet and insufficient consumption of Vitamin B-12 cause deficiencies that hinder the growth of hair nourishing melanin. A pediatrician can only evaluate the cause of the unnatural graying of hair at the early age of four.

Less commonly, the cause of gray hair might be associated with the childhood disorders. Vitiligo is one of them. It is an acquired skin disorder characterized by the patches of unpigmented skin surrounded by the heavily pigmented border.

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In addition, there are more like this. Such as, neurofibromatosis, tuberous sclerosis, and Waardenburg syndrome. Sometimes the cause of disorders embedded in physical disorders, or sometimes the genetic transmission cause graying.

Let’s have a close look to all these problems.


gray hair in children

Young boy is thinking about his untimely gray hair; Image Credit:- Boldsky

One of the prominent causes of graying hair in a child is determined genetically and prematuration. A recent study conducted by the experts in a Dermatology Symposium, correlate gray hair with the history of dandruff.

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This, however, doesn’t connote that one causes the other, however the rate of graying hair is most of the time preceded by the frequencies of dandruff. So, it needs to be ascertained the actual explanation behind graying to get response instantly.


The children of some of the races are found to be more prone to graying than the other. The inhabitants of mountain range of Caucasians have their children hair gray at very early age, like 4 or 6 due to their long family history.

Sadly enough, the untimely onset of gray hair dwarf the development of personality of the young child. Which may have an effect on the later life. Even though, there is not enough evidence to say which genetic material has been inherited to the child.


Some of the diseases such as Warrensburg, vitiligo, tuberous sclerosis, etc. are supposed to bring on low rate of hair pigmentation. These disorders not only lead to graying of hair but also loss of hair. Hypo or hyperthyroidism might also be the cause of graying hair of the tender aged kids.

Vitamin Deficiency:

The insufficiencies of Vitamin B12 are very intimately connected with the premature graying of hair. Most of the food products derived from animal provide enough Vitamin B12. But the children lived on strictly vegan diet may fall under the category of nutritional deficiencies.

What’s more, the children who had stomach surgery might have problem of digestion and fail to takes in B-12. To pay back the loss, the father and mother must give their children more and more supplements enriched with B-12 vitamins.

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Every stress is not the cause of graying hair in the children. The modern children are living in the atmosphere of stress and strain right from 2 years old. They are thrust into the situations where they lose their childhood very early and come under stressful atmosphere.

They get habituated to this situation at their early age. But, the stress that acts more upon the children is the Genotoxic stress comes from radiation or the ultraviolet rays. These might trigger hair graying at very early age in course of mutating the hair cells.

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What requires is to take into consideration the entire factors that can be the cause of the graying hair of your loving kids.

A few words for you finally

If your kid is otherwise normal in health, it is not wise to be tensed and worried but feel free to consult with a Pediatrician who only knows “what is what.” Till you meet such an expert, it is okay to wait for some more time, and figure out the real cause of graying hair to stop further graying.

And at the same time be watchful on the growth of gray hairs further more. If you are concerned more about the above conditions, talk with your child’s pediatrician immediately till you find the best. After all it is extremely painful for the parents to see their kids growing gray so early.

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