Premature Gray Hair Causes, Remedies, Precautions and Future Implications

Grey hair is becoming common nowadays and no one are able to get rid of this. Through the natural process of graying of hair is observed for long, however, these days this phenomenon is becoming more common in earlier ages and even in teenagers its frequency is increasing at an alarming rate.

It affects all populations indiscriminately and almost all age groups and gender, men, women, teenagers and even children too.

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How we define premature gray hair?

The premature hair gray is nothing but a process where the pigment is not being produced from the cells which produces color said by a well-known dermatologist named Jeffrey Benabio.

Graying of hair is a natural process and as the man ages the capability to synthesize the normal amount of melanin pigment (the one responsible for giving black color to the hair) declines this ultimately results in grey or whitening of hair.

However, if the hairs grey earlier in life i.e. premature graying is connected to some pathologies and bad habits and therapeutics may be required for it.

The reasons behind premature graying of hair

The causes of grey hair is still a debate and new research insights are being harvested to reach a to final conclusion to address this condition. Genetics, vitamins, habits of smoking and lack of proper diet are responsible for grey hair causes.

The main reason for the grey hair is genetic i.e. the offspring is more prone to have grey hair earlier in life if its parent has the grey hair at early ages. Only not that the scientists discovered that our hair turns gray if the overload of melanin and hydrogen peroxide is found in the body genetically.

premature gray hair

The gray hairs of Aine; Photo By: Aine

Vitamin and minerals, especially vitamin B12, zinc and copper are responsible for the proper nourishment of the hair that assists metabolic processes involved in giving hair its natural color and deficiency of these vitamins and minerals affects the hair color.

If the body is suffering from the lacks of vitamin C and E, then the hair turns into gray very normally.

Smoking is also one of the factors which is responsible for premature graying of hair. One reason is that smoking is the source of development of free radicals in the body of the smoker and these free radicals cause oxidative stress in the body, leading to decrease in the pigmenting capacity of the melanin and resulting in graying of hairs.

Diet especially junk foods or processed food accelerate aging by increasing the oxidative stress and deposition of AGE`s (Advanced Glycation Endproducts) which accelerates aging and results in loss of hair colors.

The people who are highly addicted for junk foods rather than the nutritious (vitamin C and E) will lose their nice and silky black hair at a very young age.

Some tips for getting rid of premature gray hair

Now, if someone is at high risk of having the grey hair and both parents are victims of premature hair graying then you should take the proper precautions to delay graying of hairs.

The precautions include avoiding direct exposure to the sunlight, use of antioxidants, nicotinamide and elemental zinc and copper will help to prevent the high risk group against premature hair graying.

Of course, people will get plentiful benefits if they become highly conscious about their daily eating habits and healthy lifestyle.

Natural ways for avoiding premature graying of hair

Natural remedies are also the noticeable ones to prevent premature graying of hairs. Natural herbs are a rich source of antioxidants mainly flavanoids which have multiple roles in pathologies also have a role in preventing premature graying of hair.

Curry is proven to boost up the melanin production the iodine and zinc and copper rich foods, especially the sea foods are also a good source to fight against the premature hair graying.

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Black walnuts are very useful in making the hair black and they can impart black color to your hair for long and is a useful and economical remedy which could be used to hide your grey hairs.

Combination of sesame oil, carrot juice and fenugreek seeds is used by ayurvedic practitioners as the remedy against grey hair. Use sesame oil and carrot juice in same ratio, e.g. one cup sesame oil one cup carrot juice and half the amount of fenugreek seed powder i.e. half cup.

Mix all of these in a clear bottle and keep in the sunlight for 21days. Apply this mixture for 3 months to your hair and it will help you to avoid premature graying of hair.

How to cover if fails the natural ways?

If the natural ways of these fail, then lots of synthetic dyes are marketed which peoples usually use for the hair blackening dyes which transiently imparts the black color to the hair but it isn’t the long term solution.

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Moreover, Attractive hair style can obscure your grey hair color If the remedies against grey hair fails still the survival chance is there. Attention from grey hair could be changed by going for specific hair styles that will help you go with the grey hair and instead of pinpointing the hair color.

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If you do so then, the attention could be drawn to your hair style and that is the last chance you have to live with the gray hair.

It could be summarized that the hair graying is increasing day by day and research is being conducted to understand the etiology in more depth to counter the causes and find a proper intervention against this unacceptable condition.

Many environmental factors, including direct exposure to sunlight, which should be minimized to have least stimulating factors for hair graying. Good food is what can be beneficial for us to strengthen the melanin pigment formation and preserving our hair color.

The implantation of the melanocytes is one of the best options which can give a far better solution than the traditional methods.

19 Responses to “Premature Gray Hair Causes, Remedies, Precautions and Future Implications”

  1. Prashant says:

    Regular massage of scalp with egg oil (eyova) twice a week, leaving on overnight, prevents premature greying of hair.

  2. kanishk says:

    I am 18 and I started noticing having white hairs at the age of 16. And I also have
    dandruff. What should I do to prevent both? Are they both related?

  3. Raamit says:

    Natural herbs like brahmi, bhringraj and ginseng help to prevent premature greying.

  4. Ahmed says:

    My daughter is 13 yrs old and having the problem of gray hair .also she is suffering from hair fall though she was having silky n shining hair .what should we do.

  5. Anmol Tyagi says:

    I have been noticing white hairs from an age of 16 and i am a chain smoker can u suggest me something i should eat for stopping these white hairs please

    • Habib Faruk Himel says:

      If you want to stop getting white hair, then you MUST have to quit smoking. Because, smoking is a cause of early white hair.

  6. Denae says:

    I started graying at around 18. My boys have all had it and my youngest son is 17 and has started to get it. Is this genetic? Is there really anything that can be done or is this wishful thinking.

  7. Aqsa says:

    Does really egg oil reverse gre hair and regain its black colour ? If yes so when to apply this oil and how many times? Please replyyyy.

  8. Aqsa says:

    I am 19 and ihave grey hairs . Does really egg oil reverse grey hair at early stage? If yes then when to apply this oil and how many times? Please reply

  9. Manish says:

    I’m 25 year guy suffering from grey hair even now have some grey hair on my beard.
    it’s embarrassing. My dad is about 46 year old and have no grey hair at all!
    so i guess its not genetic, as i read in most of the articles.
    tell me what to do?

  10. Manish says:

    And yes i don’t smoke don’t drink at all.

  11. Kanwal says:

    i m of 22 years now, and facing white hair problems since las 3 years…. but this is in just front of my scalp….. i m very poor in my diet…. what you recommend me as my diet…???

  12. Pink flower says:

    I’ve notice gray hairs but I also flat iron ALOT would that also be a cause cuz I know there’s no one in my family that had that and I’m so worried pls reply anyone

  13. Yasprit says:

    I have seen some gray hair should i remove them

  14. Rittik Malkani says:

    I am 17 . I have 10-12 grey hairs . What should i do.

  15. Rittik Malkani says:

    I am 17 . I have 10-12 grey hairs . What should i do.

  16. Isha says:

    My 16 year old son is having grey-haired problem along with dandruff.Dictir has given the medication for a month Q-sera,Kerala black Ad,zydip c but no improvement in grey hair

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