The Role Of Vitamin B In Reducing The Growth Of Gray Hair

Now, premature graying of hair is a common issue and it is affecting all groups of people indiscriminately. People of both the gender, and any age group, may be teenagers and even children too might be the victim of graying of hair.

However, this phenomenon is becoming more common in the present moment and especially the frequency of graying hair is increasing in earlier ages– even in teenagers at an alarming rate.

What is normal time of graying hair?

In fact, the graying hair depends mostly on genetics. So, some people might discover their first gray hair at early 20s or some people can hold up the natural hair color till 40 years. Again, people may discover their grey hair first time at the ripe age just like their parents had experienced graying of hair.

Why does hair go gray?

Each follicle (the root of growing hair) contains pigment cells, which produce melanin which is responsible for determining the color of hair and skin. With time, the pigment cells gradually lose its activity and pass away.

So, when the follicles of hair stop to produce melanin, the shafts of hair become gray or white. But intake of Vitamin B either extracting out of foods or directly from the supplement, helps coloring your hair.

Main causes for premature graying of hair

Vitamin B Complex For Gray HairNumbers of reasons are there that play significant roles behind to make hair gray prematurely. These can be listed in the following way:

  • Heredity or genes
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Anemia
  • Insufficient and imbalanced diet
  • The use of chemical hair color
  • Long and continued use of medicine
  • Excessive mental stress

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Does vitamin B effective for premature graying of hair?

As per research, Vitamin B is too much helpful for keeping the good health of hair. So, people must take it to stop graying of hair as a preventive measure. To do so, people should include Vitamin B12 in their daily diet. In fact, people taking diet deficient in Vitamin B12 are likely to suffer from untimely graying of hair.

  • Experts say that Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B2 work for the base levels of hair. People should take 25 mg to 50 mg of both these two vitamins for maintaining the good health of hair.
  • Vitamin B9 which is known as folic acid is essential for maintaining the proper levels of amino acid methionine which works just like a building block of hair. So, consuming supplements of folic acid in right amount (400mg-800mg) regularly can make up the Vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • The deficiency of Vitamin B 12 leads one to suffer from anemia. The condition in turns leads to lower red blood cell count. And finally causes gray hair, pale skin and other health problems. If anemia is left untreated, it can harm the nerve, disturb balance and create a peculiar pricking sensation in the hands and feet, cause depression and even to dementia.

Sources of Vitamin B12

There are plenty sources of Vitamin B-12. It is found in variety of animal products. Red meats, eggs, poultry and dairy products, also cereals and grain contain high amount of Vitamin B12.

People may consume plant-based foods which are good source of Vitamin B-12. Green vegetables, fruits, tubers, roots, seeds, grains, herbs and legumes can also be taken as supportive foods. The consuming of other vitamin B such as vitamin B-6, riboflavin and niacin along with vitamin B-12 is also helpful to maintain the level of Vitamin B.

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Diet for preventing early gray hair

Healthy diet can delay the process of graying hair. Foods rich in Vitamin B-complex and protein are too much necessary for preventing premature gray hair. Include wheat bread, enriched wholegrain breads and cereals, peanuts, bananas, grapefruit, watermelon, milk, eggs, lean red meat and mushrooms.

Eat fish also, such as salmon, sardines, herring and trout which are good sources of Omega-3. If you are not comfortable in seafood, then try avocados, pumpkin seeds and walnuts which also contain plenty of Omega-3 acids.

In addition, drink plenty of water which is considered good nourishment for your hair.

Some healthy tips for keeping good health of hair

  • Follow healthy lifestyle
  • Stay away from excessive consumption of cigarette and alcohol
  • Take enough rest and sleep at least 8 hours in every night
  • Avoid taking excessive mental pressure
  • Perform yoga and meditation regularly
  • Spend some time everyday for doing exercise
  • Keep your scalp clean, also hair

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