Grey Hair Dye – What Should Know Before You Start To Color?

Dyeing hair is one of the most amazing beauty-related things that one can do. There are folks talking about the types of hair dye that are really going well with the hair. People go gray or white, sometimes in their lives. Of late, brighter and mixed shade has occupied a central place, but the inclination to grey hair dye is still bold to have a beautiful look, as revealed to Instagrammer Cheeno Gray.

The lovely grey locks are so attractive. Dyeing hair now is no more for older people. The teenagers are now more eager for dyeing than the older people. It has now become the way to show the symbol of class or status.

What should you go for dyeing grey hair?

As wondered by the experts about the reason why the people are much worried as to keeping their face and bodies young. Getting hair grey will certainly make one look much older. As considered by some of the trichologists of the renowned institutions, going gray is another name of looking great. Everyone can tweak his/her look.

There is no need to think that greying of hair will lead to aging. Everyone can change the look. For everyone there is a predetermined notion. If anybody wants, it is possible to get fabulous grey hair. The transition to all grey hair might look awkward. Grey hair usually gets drier than the pigmented hairs.

Dyeing your hair grey, will transform your hair perpetual shine. Intone your hair with the right make up and clothes. In order to make it smooth and flawless, you need good suggestions of the experts.

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To dye or not to dye

The coloring of hair can be a great challenge, because greying hair grows with coarse texture that is not helpful for the color, rather it is resistant to it. However, with right product and proper techniques, anybody can fruitfully cover grey hair.

In selecting the right products, it is needed to decide how long the results of dyeing need to last, whether it is temporary or, semi-permanent or demi-permanent or permanent or for just highlighting. Never color your hair conspicuously darker than your original hair. Nothing is more awkward than this.

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If you are a serious person and want a radical result, think about consulting a skilled hair colorist. An expert can say which color is suitable for your hair if your skin fades. Dark hair color makes skin color prominent as well as the wrinkles noticeable. Once you decide that the product you choose is suitable for achieving best results, apply it step by step.

5 things you must know about coloring grey hair

grey hair dye

Lianne looks shocked with her dyed grey hair; Image by:- Richard Riley

Grey hair is an universal sign of aging, although the young people with grey hair is not rare. Some aged people said that they feel younger even as sexagenarian. So greying of hair is not always associated with age. So, coloring of hair is not always simple, rather challenging. Listed below are 5 factors which you need to understand about coloring gray hair.

Coloring is not painting: If done properly, the colorist takes a small part of the hair and sweeps it upward. Then paddle is used to apply more color to the bottom. This method gives the colorist more control and smooth sun-kissed highlights hair.

Don’t use shampoo frequently: How long should a person wait for shampooing after coloring the hair? It is a great question. The best answer is “later the better.” Every wash takes a little bit color from the hair. Appointment with the colorists should be done strategically.

Best shampoo be chosen: All the shampoos are not equally fruitful for the gray hair. Application of harsh shampoo can harm the texture of hair. So find out shampoo and conditioners that are soft and gentle. Particularly, the shampoo free of sulfate never strips the color from the hair.

As shampooing removes color with every wash, it is good practice to skip washing. The less you cleanse hair, the longer the color lasts. The best option is to use the dry shampoo to give your hair bouncy appearance.

Protect your hair from the heat: During the coloration of hair the protective cuticle layer gets stripped as the dye can penetrate the hair and deposit color. It turns the hair more defenseless and easily dried out in the face of heating devices. Dry hair gives the appearance of flat look.

So it requires keeping you away from dry zone. It is not wise enough to keep away from the these updated devices. It is effective to use heat protective spray prior to drying and blowing.

Keep away from the swimming pools: If you bother to plunge into pool as you don’t want to damage your hair, one thing that you should know is that it is not the water, but the chlorine that affects hair.

You can use swimming caps to protect your hair from the direct effect of the sun and water. Additionally, there is some hair spray specially made for UV protection. Also, there is a conditioner that is very helpful for protecting hair from damage comes from water in the pool.

Way to choose the best color for the grey hair

The coloring of hair is a very tricky matter. Most of the time it is very confusing to select the best color for the grey hair as each of the individual has their own skin color that needs to be matched with the color.

Some of the hair color gives better coverage of your white hair than the other. The product descriptions do not always tell you the whole story as it might limit your purchase. They, in fact, want you to buy as much as possible. But, plain thing to remember is that you must avoid the color that provides poor coverage of the grey hair.

The selection of color depends largely on the fact how the grey hair grows. You need a permanent hair dye to stop working grey hair. If you don’t choose the right color, then your white hair and the regular hair will give you different look.

In order to get the full coverage of the grey hair, the best is to use a color with neutral base. The dyes with additional neutral base can make up the requirement of pigment of the gray hairs. So, the best color option of grey hair coverage is to go for with neutral color. Gold or red tones provide further coverage of the grey hairs. Here is a short chart:

  • For the Blonde: Neutral Hair color- Neutral Medium blonde or sandy blonde.
  • For Brunette Coloring: Soft and neutral brownish tone, such as Espresso or Chocolate.
  • For Red Coloring: The color must be protected with neutral tinge to avoid ending up in red or pink shade. The use of chestnut or neutral auburn color is effective.

Just remember not to use the ash color tones. It doesn’t cover the fully gray areas, rather makes it thin. Also avoid bright tones of color that provide only weaker coverage.

If you, at all, have decided to color your hair, always go for with the color that is somewhat lighter than your normal hair. More information about coloring gray hair can be found at HFW.

Herbal VS Chemical – What Is Your Choice?

The herbal hair color lasts long. The use of chemical hair dyes makes visible differences relating to roots of the hair. But herbal hair dyes are much more delicate and reliable. It gently fades and nothing unnatural appears in the facial expressions.

The best three chemical based grey hair dyes

Going for something harsher chemicals for coloring grey hair is the person’s own choice. But, the recent survey of the environmental group has found out that most of the products pose risk of cancer. The darker shades increase the risk more than the other. However, if you really want to go for the chemical products you can prefer some of the safe products mentioned here.

  • Wella grey hair dye: The color is vibrant, durable, and fade resistant with floral fragrance. Excellent for grey coverage. It does deep conditioning.
  • Touch of grey hair dye: It is the no mix and no mess product. Just need to brush. Balance grey hair on face and also on head. For men, the products works wonder.
  • Pravana grey hair dye: Conventional color selection product for noticeable silver hair than the toners. Enriched with formula of grey coverage, the product comprises of 5 delicate shades.

The best three natural hair dyes for grey hair

The people already realized that the chemicals in the hair color can have a devastating effect on hair. The skin is very apt to soak up the color and then pass them into blood. This leads the dye very dangerous for the health. Natural hair color products are undamaging and risk-free. There are some mentioned here that are very effective for your grey hair.

  • Gooseberry and coconut oil: Boil dry gooseberries in the coconut oil. Apply gently and leave for some time. Then rinse very well. It makes hair soft, smooth, shiny and convenient.
  • Beets: The juice of the fruit is natural dye for the grey hair to turn it into bright bold maroon. For brownish effect, add coffee or tea or water till the preferred result is attained.
  • Carrot juice: Its juice gives hair red or strawberry glow and highlights the grey parts automatically. The juice works very well when sprayed on hair and combed methodically. Mixed it with the juice of beet and see the color of hair you wanted most.

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Which one to choose for dyeing hair – Salon or DIY?

When can you color your grey hair at home or when should go to the saloon depends upon the matter of graying. If you wish to color your hair without base pigment to be left, then you need to consult with an innovative colorist at the salon.

Whereas if you intend to play with the color then Do It Yourself (DIY) at home. Home Color kits are available in the market for the past few years. These are ideal for the busy group of people. These colors last for 2-3 washes. Otherwise you should go for saloon.

Still not clear about the dyeing of your grey hair?

Okay!! No problem. Let me tell, how you can overcome grey hair before your hairs turn into a snowball. The greying of hair is completely determined by your genes. Don’t spend enough of time standing before the mirror and repenting over the gray hair. Color your hair and get yourself out of the problem.

First, estimate the quantity of the hair you want to color.

Second, if it is nearly 20%, prefer semi-permanent color. It fades after about 12 washes.

Thirdly, if the percentage is 30-40%, then go for quasi permanent color that fades after about 25 washes.

Fourthly, if the percentage is 50% or above, you need permanent dye. In this case you need to test your hair as to the compatibility of your hair with the chemical conditions. You can do it yourself. Cut a few hairs from the bottom and mix hair color solutions and place hair and leave it for some time and keep checking if the hair gets the desired color.

Give yourself plenty of time to see if the color works. Set the time before and stick to it strictly. You can also check out this Hair Coloring FAQ to clear out any confusion you have on your mind.

Some Don’ts that you should follow when coloring the grey hair

  1. If you are henna user, never use chemical products. The chemical might damage your strands.
  2. Some of the chemical products are harmful for your scalp and might be irritating for your skin. So test in small amount on your neck and hand.
  3. Keep away from chlorine for some days that could change the color of your hair.

No doubt, that you have tried many options to stop fading of hair color. But the tips here will be of much help. If you prefer dyeing your grey hair at home, always consult an expert prior to that. If you are not confident enough, never take risk to go forward. Always choose the best way to choose the best shade. Alternatively, if you don’t want to dye your white hair, then you should consider this natural grey hair treatment.

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