Be happy! Get Back The Stylish Black Hair Again From White

Graying hair or white hair now has become the pain for all, especially for women. The people cannot get the scope to avoid that even in this organized world and it also creates trouble to their life style also.

It happens only for the lack of melanin in the hair as this pigment has the capacity for changing hair color. The possibility of whitening the hair is high for them those who like to use various chemical packs and avoid herbal shampoos.

Now, it’s the time to enjoy and get back your black hair again from white by following several steps only.

Some tips for enjoying the miracle

To get back the black hair does not mean that all your hairs turn black from white for the second time rather, it’s just a process to increase the possibility to grow black hairs more instead of gray.

get back your black hair from white

Beautiful black hair; Photo By: kris krug

So, it’s the process where the scalp can be able to produce more new black hair and the white hair will remain same as before, if you want to depend on the natural process and forget the previous chemicals.

The doctors suggest that the possibility of 80% sickness can be damaged by taking a proper, healthy, balanced diet and this suggestion is also applicable for growing black hair, if we manage to take healthy eating habits. Vitamin C and animal protein are highly beneficial for hair care.

Try to start your day with fruits contained high vitamin C for breakfast. Eating guava, orange, little portion of coconut and solid coconut meat in the morning are increasing the chances to grow black hair.

The solid coconut meat will help you to suck more vitamins from fruits. This coconut fat will enhance the chances to absorb 80-90% vitamins from fruits than before.

If you ready to eat these fruits for at least one month in the morning, then get ready to see the changes and enjoy with the new growing blackish hair. To get a quick result, you can use herbal shampoos during this one month diet.

6 Responses to “Be happy! Get Back The Stylish Black Hair Again From White”

  1. sachin says:

    I have putted honey to hair and it became grey.I want to get my black hair so what to..

  2. Habib Faruk Himel says:


    Honey doesn’t have any impact in making hair gray, rather it helps our hair in so many ways. Read this article:

    You can also focus on this guide:

  3. SRV says:

    Hello. I am suffering from premature greying for quite some time…I am 16 with 70% white hair. So will this method work on me.if yes, then can I take vitamin c tablets?

    • Habib Faruk Himel says:

      As you mentioned, you are 16 with 70% white hair, so it indicates that you may have lack of proper nutrition. I don’t know whether this tricky method will work on you or not. But you can give it a try. You can also apply coconut/amla oil 3 times a week for 2 months

  4. k.G.V.Naidu says:

    Hello sir,i am 18 years my hair is getting into white.I am afraid of it.what should I do to make the white hair into black.

  5. Raj says:

    I have few white hair in beard. Pls help. Age 25

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