Is There Any Possibility Of Turning Our Hair White Within One Night?

It has been believed since from centuries that panic or fright is the cause of hair whiten but this actually, is nothing but a myth.

Yes, of course, extreme stress or depression may the reason for hair whitening, but it is impossible to turn hair into white color within one night just after being an experience of any traumatic situation. This is just a psychological believe of ancient time.

Why hair cannot turn into white color within one night?

Actually, there are several reasons behind hair whiten. Mainly, genetic, hereditary, smoking habit, anemia, a deficiency of vitamin B-12 , lack of malnutrition are major reasons for premature graying hair.

can hair turn white overnight

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Our hair turns into gray when the proper melanin pigmentation may not happen in the scalp. The following descriptions will definitely reveal the truth behind the ancient tales and also will give the clearest indication that our hair cannot turn into white just within one night.

  • Genetics and hereditary issues may cause for white hair at an early age, if the parents of the persons are also suffering from the curse of graying hair.
  • Proper nutrition and vitamin B-12 manage the production of melanin pigmentation and so, if you are suffering from malnutrition and your body lacks from vitamin B complex, then, there is a possibility of hair graying.
  • Having extreme stress or anxiety from long term will cause for white hair as it hampers the proper production of melanin pigmentation.

So, you can highly sure that there is no possibility of turning hair white just within one night. Though stress is related to graying hair, but just being a witness of single horror experience may never responsible for turning hair white by overnight.

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