Is It True That Hair Color Is Another Culprit Of Making Hair Grey?

Actually, we do not find any medically based clear indication that hair color causes white hair, if you do not use any cheap products for your hair. Sometimes, these cheap products not only causes the changes of hair color, but also it occurs with allergies to scalp also.

So, be sure about the hair colors which do not cause any harm to your hair; especially for changing the hair color and having allergies. If the chemicals of the hair color products are so inaccurate, then there is a possibility to change the hair color.

Sometimes, the imbalance of hormone may cause allergic reaction, but there is no proved evident that dyeing, coloring and plucking hair may turn our hair white.

Where is the possibility to become hair graying for hair color?

does hair color cause grey hair

Coloring of hair; Credit: Wikipedia

Preliminary, our hair is white and black is the natural color of hair and it occurs because of melanin pigment. The process of melanin pigmentation starts before our birth and the natural black color of hair happen because of proper distribution, variety and proportion of melanin pigment found in the hair cells.

This pigment helps hair follicles for growing black hair and each follicle gives birth a single hair. Therefore, there is no relation between hair color and hair whiten.

So, you can use hair color, but the quality and the ingredients of the products should be checked before applying. Just avoid too much chemical based and cheap products.

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Actually, the elements of hair color are nothing but the chemicals and these are really not beneficial for hair growth. So, try to nourish your hair properly and very often dyeing for maintaining glowing hair.

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  1. MA says:

    Hi, I would like to share my experience regarding this article. Those who already have grey hair (even if as less as 1%), should avoid using hair dyes otherwise their hair will turn grey very quickly as much as they use the hair dye. This is my personal experience and I have observed on others.
    Try using henna mixed with concentrated black tea (if pure henna gives too red colour). If it is not possible to avoid using hair dyes, then keep taking care of your health as taking vitamins, and remedies like nail rubbing technique. Onion juice and coconut oil application (apply any of them or both) are the tried and tested remedies but will only work if done consistently.

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