7 Things You Don’t Know About The Graying Of Hair

Sure, you look at the mirror each day to trim or twirl your hair. But, you don’t care to take so much care about your tress. A trichologist knows everything- from scalp to aging hair- why we should do it.

As hair is neither vital organ of the body nor it has any tissues. So the body has hardly any interest to provide nutrition to the hair. Here comes our responsibility to be sure that the hair is getting the nutrition what it needs.

Top 7 things that you do not know:-

(1)  The health experts says that we should see if we are consuming balanced diets, like vitamins, carbohydrate, proteins, and minerals. Also Omega-3 is good hair booster. The consumption of sweet potatoes or brown rice helps hair nutrition as they are full of complex carbohydrate.

(2)  The gray hair possesses different texture than the other black or brownish hair in your head. More is that, the gray hair is rough and coarse than the rest of the normal hair. The roughness is the cause of less production of sebum, which is responsible for the suppleness of the scalp and the hair.

(3)  The growth or falling of hair is not always equal in all time or in all seasons. For example, in summer the hair grow faster than winter. The caring of the hair is also not equal for all seasons.

In winter, the caring should be enhanced as the gray hair turns rougher during winter for the seasonal dryness of scalp. Again in the sweltering summer also the hair should be given extra nourishment as UV rays on the hair harm the texture very much.

things about gray hair

Graying Of Hair; Image Credit:- Wikipedia

(4)  The trichologist found out that, sprouting of  1-2 gray hair is quite natural to human being when attained 30 years. It might be the cause of hereditary factor. But, generally it is the deficiency of Vitamin B which speeds up growing grey hair.

Since it has become an experimental truth, start taking Vitamin B either in the form of capsules or in the form of diet, rich in vitamin B. The food supplements with Vitamin B are also helpful in compensating the deficiency.

(5)  The hair follicle buds that are very sensitive reside deep in the level of epidermis. The nerves around them are very sensitive and the muscles near the buds provide tactile properties to the hair.

A drop in temperature of body causes the muscles contract, creating the reflexive reaction of hair erection on the skin in response to emotional reactions or stress or for other reasons.

(6)  Hair loss is a normal phenomenon. Generally, a person loses 100 hairs per day. So, it is not a matter of concern at all. The lost hair grows back very quickly because of the second fastest growing cells in the body.

These are intestinal cells. The nutritional deficiencies can lead to hair loss and of the graying of hair.  Never take hair fall lightly. Be sure to visit doctors soon after you find something abnormal in hair falling and turning hair into gray.

(7)  Know your gray hair. It is the blending of naturally pigmented hair and the white hair intermingled. Once the hair follicle lost the pigment completely, the hair appears gray.

Above all remember some of the relevant things about the mistakes that you do to make you look younger.

  • If your hair is healthy and plenty, avoid chopping your hair into traditional cutting of crop for converting it more age-appropriate. But if you even prefer short hair cutting, leave it a bit shaggy. It will make you modern as well as make you free of animosity of maintenance.
  • Avoid keeping your hair too long. It only drags down hair. Additionally, long shapeless parted down hair looks odd. In order to keep some length, you can consider choppy cut hair up to your neck or collarbone. Imperfect hair shapes takes the attention away from the marks of aging on your face.
  • If you are a dark complexioned, the black dying to bring back its original color will turn you most unattractive. You can prefer mid-brown color instead. The idea is that gray will get blended with the highlight that does only accentuate the gray in case you are normally dark.

Now the coloring kits are available in the market. You can purchase it and make color your hair at home. The modern formulas of the colors have been made to provide more transparent color effect to look it more natural.

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If your hair is gray up to 20% or more, buy a product of permanent labeled product. Temporary or semi-permanent will not work for covering the required areas.

But, you need to touch up the roots of the hair sometimes regularly after 4-5 weeks. To keep the look of the hair fresh and glossy, the application of conditioner will help. Always go for with the products that are very specific to color hair.

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