Top Listed Fruits For White Hair Prevention

When people become old, their hair turns into gray and it is a natural process and nobody may not avoid it. Though we cannot ignore this process, we can try to prevent premature gray hair on our scalp.

If you want to prevent premature gray hair, then, first of all, you need to stop using chemical based products. Moreover, you need to highly focus on home remedies taken from nature and take proper care for daily hair nourishment.

Furthermore, you should highly concentrate on a better daily diet chart and add more fruits and vegetables, just avoiding junk foods, soda and extra caffeine.

Why and Which fruits are essential for white hair prevention?

The lack of vitamins, minerals are the main reasons behind any type of physical imbalanced condition. Malnutrition, deficiency of vitamins (specially, vitamin –B complex), minerals (iodine, selenium, zinc, silica, copper) are the main reason for white hair.

So, we must eat fruits, because the elements of proper vitamins, minerals highly found in fruits. We encourage to take banana, amla, lemon juice, blueberries, avocado, kiwis and strawberry for white hair prevention for seeing the result quicker.


fruits for white hair prevention

Eat banana to pass more natural energy to hair; Credit: Wikipedia

Banana is a fruit which contains high iodine and iron. It contains high amount of iron and vitamin –B1 (thiamin), b2( riboflavin), b3(niacin). These elements help to give extra strength to hair follicles to produce more hair on the scalp.

The mixture of banana, honey and lemon juice is really beneficial for proper hair growth and nourishment. Apply this mixture at least 2 to 3 times in a week to see the differences.


Amla fruit is really helpful in the prevention of premature gray hair. The mixture of amla and lemon juice is extremely effective for getting back the black hair from white again.

The message on the scalp with this mixture really helpful to promote proper blood circulation. Alma fruit also works as a conditioner too.

Amla juice and almond pests are preferred for total hair nourishment. Apply it 15 minutes before washing, and wait to see the result quickly.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is very effective for all types of hair solutions. Lemon juice and onion are helpful to grow new hair within 1 month.

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The amla powder, lemon juice and curd should be applied 45 minutes before bath and will need to wash it with light warm water. This method is applicable for a 90 day period.


Blueberries contain vitamin C and the doctors say that vitamin C is very crucial for proper blood circulation in the scalp and also works as aids to blood vessels to nourish the follicles. Vitamin C based foods help to prevent hair damage too.


Avocado contains vitamin–B complex to get a healthy hair. It gives extra strength to hair follicles.

Kiwis and Strawberry

These fruits contain vitamin C . Vitamin C is an antioxidant element which removes extra oils from the scalp and make your scalp skin so fresh.

Premature white hair, hair fall, hair damage happen not only from the genetic and hereditary, but also for other issues too. The lack of proper blood circulation on the scalp, toxins, lack of attention to scalp skin are major reasons behind premature gray hair.

Fruits contain vitamin-b complex, C and minerals that help to keep your hair healthy by managing proper blood circulation, removing toxins and promotes extra strength to hair follicles.

Therefore, fruits reduce the possibility of graying hair so early. So, you should eat a plenty of fruits to prevent white hair problems.

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    I was listening to a radio infomercial over and i learned that perhaps mulberries help in delaying the onset of grey hair.

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