Does Our Hair Turn Into White For Dandruff?

Now-a-days, the people cannot control the dandruff, though they use very mild and soft cleanser for hair protection. In the early cases, the clinically recommended shampoo will not be required, but the advice of doctors should be followed before using any normal cleanser.

Most of the people get shy to attain any party for dandruff and so, it causes for personal or social problem for them. As a result, they start to believe in ancient myth that “Dandruff causes the grow of white hair”.

Therefore, we should try to get them out from this false news and psychological belief and need to clearly mention them that there is no relation between dandruff and white hair problem.

What is dandruff? And Why it comes?

does hair turn into white for dandruff

Excessive dandruff; Credit: wikipedia

Dandruff is nothing but a form of the scalp which is responsible for the flakes of skin to be appeared. It is also a very normal condition showed to us by itching. It cannot be tolerated rather embarrassing for people.

The skin cells of human beings of scalp can be able to renew the new cells by themselves. When the new cells grow from the scalp skin , the previous (old) cells are pushed to the surface for coming out, these over mature cells are clinically mentioned as an expired or expelled cells.

Then the new cells, making faster to come out and being grown more than dead cells and causing skin shed and producing dandruff. The risk of producing dandruff becomes higher, if in the very warm area the skin is uncovered from sunlight properly.

Therefore, we must say that your hair will not turn into white for causing dandruff because it happens only in the most cases when the ratio of occurring dead and new cells are not being balanced.

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