Does The Possibility Of Growing White Hair Become High For Being Angry?

Though there is no medically clear indication found from the doctors that a little bit stress or anger is highly responsible for growing white hair but excessive depression and anxiety really causes for gray hair.

Therefore, we cannot deny that being angry causes the white hair as too aggressiveness is not different from anxiety.

Why stress or being angry is our enemy for growing white hair?

Stress not only causes hair loss, but also turn your hair gray too, as being angry or extreme pressure on your brain creates a problem for the proper melanin pigment production.

does anger cause gray hair

Angry lady; Credit: pixabay

As a result, the hair follicles may not be supportive for the changing hair color pigmentation. Each hair follicle is helpful in producing the change of hair color. If you are being angry much of the times, then, the possibility of breaking the proper melanin pigmentation becomes high.

So, then the lack of melanocytes cells, which helps to produce melanin may turn your hair gray. The scientists believe that when the pressure comes to our brain, the stem cells become damages to fill the hair color and so, being angry is harmful for turning white hair.

The doctors suggested that if you are worried for hair whitening, then, you need to highly avoid any stressful situation as well as to focus on a healthy eating habit.

To ignore smoking habit and taking the foods which contain vitamin-E most of the time will really prevent your hair from turning white at an early stage. If you do not want to lose your stylish black hair at early 20s, then, should stay away from any stressful situation and try to maintain a very planned lifestyle.

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