Do You Know That Extreme Heat Can Make Your Hair Gray?

Iron your hair slightly or with low heat will not turn your hair gray, but if you iron your hair with high temperature, then, there might be a possibility to turn it into gray. Even after iron your hair, if you do not wash it with pure water, then the chances of graying hair become high.

We mean, if the portion of elements like iron and calcium found higher in the water, then the possibility increases to turn our hair white, but often if you iron your hair with mild heat and take pure water during washing, then, there is no possibility to get whitening hair.

Why we should use low temperature for hair?

It is true that flat or curling irons make our hair so stylish and attractive, but these have some bad effects too. If you apply this method too much on your hair at high heat, then the black hair burns and turns into white. When the hair is burnt, it increases the possibility to make discoloration in the same area.

does heat cause white hair

Hair dryer in action; Credit: Wikipedia

Not only for hair iron, but also we heat our hair for hair drying. Some people, regularly, use a hair dryer after their bath, but if the temperature is low, then, there is no problem at all. So, hair dryer also creates a harmful situation, if the temperature is not suitable for hair growth.

Excessive heat will damage the power of melanin pigment for maintaining hair color and as a result, it occurs white, yellow or pale hair. Our hair becomes oxidized because of the warmness of flat or curling iron and deceases the control of melanin and produces yellow, gray and pale hair.

So, if your hairs are over sensitive, then you should avoid ironing hair and of course, will take very mild shampoos, conditioner and pure water for natural washing.

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