Permanent vs Temporary Hair Dye – Which Works Better On Grey Hair?

Now, premature grey hair is very much common problem and everyone tries hard to get rid of this problem. Many people experience grey hair in their early ages and even in the teenagers its frequency is increasing day by day. People of any age and gender are experiencing this issue all around the world.

Why do people color hair?

People try to color their hair to cover the grey part. They take the help of hair dye to color their grey hair. There are found different types of hair dyes in the market. Some hair dyes offer long-lasting color but some are not so efficient in dyeing the grey hair.

The color become fade after a few washes. So, you have to choice the particular hair dyes which will provide good color without damaging your hair.

Permanent and Temporary Hair Color

Some people prefer to dye their grey hair permanently. On the other hand, some prefer to change their hair color frequently. So, take decision before you are going to color your grey hair.

If you want a gentle hair tone, then temporary color is the best choice. These products not only color your hair, but also provide good texture and add shine to your hair.

As these colors do not contain peroxide, it does not color your hair permanently. You can wash out the color if necessary, and turn your hair free from hair color. Temporary color does not offer any drastic results but do not lighten hair.

How do the two colors work?

permanent vs temporary hair dye

Holly dyed her hair to Purple Ombre; Credit: Holly Williams

Permanent and semi-permanent hair color works one level deeper within the hair strand and therefore has a wider range of shades both lighter and darker from your natural color.

Permanent color which contains ammonia goes through the hair cuticle, sets down pigment into the hair tube. Just like the semi-permanent color, permanent color can also lighten the hair of the user. It bleaches and deposits color in the process of one step process.

Permanent color can color your grey hair completely, but it cannot remove artificial hair color. If you do not use permanent color correctly, then it can damage your hair severely. So, it is better to do the permanent grey hair dye by the professionals.

Is it a good idea to color the hair permanently?

Many people think that it is not a good idea to color the hair permanently. But it is not completely true. Permanent color provides long-lasting effect. As the permanent colors contain ammonia and peroxides, it can damage your hair and can cause for dryness of hair.

But, the permanent color can fade if it is frequently exposed to salt water and sunlight, the color of your hair may fade up. So, if you want to keep up your hair color, then use a bandana or hat whenever you go out.

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Which one is good: Permanent or Semi-permanent?

There is long-lasting semi permanent color which provides long-lasting effect. These colors last after twenty washes.

Semi- permanent colors do not offer its effect for a long period. Its color fades after 6 – 12 washes. Generally, these hair dyes are suggested for those people who are going to color their hair for the first time. The people who prefer to experiment their hair with different colors, can also try semi-permanent color.

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  1. Sally hilton says:

    Can I mix light ash brown and medium ash brown
    Together in nice new easy to achieve a brown that’s not too dark. My hair is in quite good condition and is a medium brown with darker ends should I use a semi permanent or a permament in nice n easy.

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