Top 7 Celebrities Who Have Dyed Their Grey Hair

Grey hair is not just the end of the color of your hair; rather it is the beginning. It is nothing to agonize. Stop worrying, and stop greying more. Going grey is now becoming more and more common. Even the celebrities do not hide their white hair.

They proudly show off their natural hair color, whether they are old or young and younger celebs also get their hair dyed in order to retain the same look. It is a matter of dedication to go for grey or to stay grey.

Celebrities who have accepted their grey hairs

Here is a show of elegant grey-haired icons for your inspiration. The list of the celebrities is evidence that grey has undergone a makeover. Led by a host of A-One celebrities, grey hairs have become a new fashion statement today. Before you spend lots of money on covering up the sign of aging, check out these celebrities who’ve gladly accepted their grey hairs.

Jamie Lee Curtis

She is an American actress who performed in lots of film. She started her film career in the nickname of “scream queen”. She performed in a lot of films successfully. Now she is 56. The pixy hair cut matches her very much. She allows her grey hair to grow normally and naturally without creating any contrast to her look. If long locks are not comfortable for you, go for short.

Paula Deen

She is an American renowned chef and also host for various cooking shows. She is the owner of a restaurant and also has published several cooking books. This Southern lady chef uses her dark lock lighter and decided to go for full grey with the help of grey hair dye. It is really tricky, but attractive for the lady like her.

Going grey is not the indication of low or poor maintenance. If you are allowed more time to the colorists, you need to invest more on the products that are specially made for your hair. Look for the shampoo that can enhance the look of your hair.

Stacy London

celebrities with grey hair

Stacy London with her grey hair; Credit: Wikipedia

She is a great American fashion consultant and editor of fashion magazine. She is primarily known for her reality show program on the television. It is no doubt true that when a renowned fashion designer flaunts her grey hair, it must have some beauty of its own.

If you also got normal, natural dark hair as Stacy London’s, then the grey hairs on them becomes more noticeable, when they start to show. If you’re planning to go grey, let your grey roots develop out, and highlight after every few months to make your hair gradually grey.

Emmylou Harris

The country-star looks eye-catching with her marked grey hair. The lipstick that contrasts attractively with her silver hair, conveys both exquisiteness and confidence. Emmylou Harris is an American singer and songwriter and has released lots of trendy albums and hits a single throughout her career.

One of the most attractive things about her is that she always keeps herself up-to-date and stays current. As Harris wants people to know about the band that they do not know. This celebrity shows off her grey hair. Why not you follow this celebrity?

Carmen Dell’Orefice

It is her stunning grey hair that made Carmen Dell’Orefice elegant. As her momentous modeling profession, she is also known for her glorious grey hair. She uses blue pigmented shampoo to make up for any yellow shade. This amazing lady with great career is worthy to be followed by the people who really love the craze of fashion as well as grey hair.

Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren is an English Hollywood actress who has won the Best Actress Academy Award has embraced her age most. The grey hair adds sophistication to her appearance. Grey hair like her is no doubt a thing of jealousy. The hair like her can be attained by regular treatment of deep conditioning. These help not only shining hair, but also make the cuticle smooth

Olympia Dukakis

In her earlier roles in the movies, Olympus looked older than her actual age for her hair. Her elegant grey hair goes very well with her dazzling lipstick and thrilling scarf in her later life. Grey hair makes your appearance dull and uninteresting, if you don’t wear bright makeup.

Lipstick is very important to prevent your appearance to be washed out. So if you want to go for a grey hair, don’t hesitate to add color to the rest of your face. Some of the cues from the actress will help you.

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