When Will Gray Hair Solution Be Revealed That Discovered In 2013?

Gray hair has always been a problem for a man. It is a sign of old age, of a quiet life and of loss of strength. During the centuries, people always tended to find a solution, and the most known and the most widespread solution is hair dying. However, there is more than meets the eye.

In 2013, British and German scientists announced that the problem of gray hair is history. They were working on a special medication that would permanently stop the loss of pigments.

However, the cure was announced to hit the pharmacies in 2015, but we still can’t find it. What has happened to this idea? Did the scientist quit the project or it was shut-down by someone? In this article, we will try to give you an answer to this question, and to help you in your battle against gray hair.

Gray hair can be really traumatic for some people. This is not just a lack of color, but a symbol of aging and that’s the most frighten thing. People are entering their midlife crises because of this phenomenon.

When the first signs of gray hair appear, people start to reevaluate their lives, and most of them think how they didn’t manage to accomplish some tasks or wishes. When this happens, people tend to dye their hair in order to cover up their age, and they feel bad about it.

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In 2013, a team of scientists claimed that they have found a solution for the gray hair. Let us see if we can find out what this story is all about.

What actually scientists found?

When we are young an enzyme catalase breaks down hydrogen peroxide into separated compounds of oxygen and water. Lower levels of this enzyme combined with some other enzymes repair the hydrogen peroxide and this is the reason why we go gray.

gray hair solutionThe scientists have made an experiment where they analyzed over 2000 people with vitiligo. They have found out that there are two types of vitiligo: segmental and non-segmental one. Both of them are results of so-called oxidative stress.

Scientists have used a substance PC-KUS which helped them to successfully treat the people with vitiligo. Vitiligo is a condition in the organism, which causes the loss of pigment in the skin. By curing vitiligo, the scientists from the United Kingdom and from Germany have found out that PC-KUS can also be used in stopping the hair to become gray.

Since that hydrogen peroxide blocks the production of melanin, which is the main ingredient that gives color to our eyes and hair, with the usage of PC-KUS there is a possibility to permanently stop this process.

When can we expect the solution to come out?

Dr. Gerald Weissmann, who is the editor -in-chief of the medical publication, The FASEB Journal, spoke about the new medication that might be developed. He told the press that the new medicine can give an alternative to the gray hair and that it can be used in battling vitiligo. This cure can radically improve many lives because gray hair can cause many emotional and social effects.

Although this experiment with PC-KUS happened in 2013, there is still no medicine that is 100% made to stop our hair from going grey. However, there are various products on the market that contain PC-KUS, and people can try them and see if they work. However, a good research here is essential since there is a great number of frauds.

There are no further details on the product. The scientists are still experimenting with the formula, and they are testing to see if the next PC-KUS product will be toxic as hair dyes are. However, when the research that was done on over 2000 people with vitiligo was done, no one of the participants didn’t suffer any consequences. This may be a good sign for the future development of the medicine.

In the meantime, there are many products on the market that are dealing with gray hair, and people can search for them.

The FASEB Journal has announced a medicine that can stop the graying process of the hair. This was in 2013, and the cure was announced for 2015. However, scientists are still doing various researches on PC-KUS that is the main ingredient of the future medicine. Researchers are showing positive results, and medicine will likely hit the market in the near future.

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    is it possible to stop lying to the subject and finally tell us the truth. there are people who suffer from canities and vitiligo we will finally want to know the truth!

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