What To Do, When You See Your Gray Hair For The First Time?

The emergence of gray hair is probably the biggest nightmare of all. Irrespective of nationality or age, your hair can suffer the problem of premature graying. If you are in the mid 20s, and hair is growing gray, it is certainly a problem. But, if you are in late 30s, it might be the natural phenomenon.

In respect of countries also the graying of hair is different. It is normally counted that the Americans lose their original hair color at the age of 30+. On the other hand the Asians, it is about late 30s. Again the African-American under the problem of graying at the age of mid-40. Now, it is you who know it better if your hair is graying prematurely.

But, you do not have to worry about this. There are now lots of remedies that are suggested by the renowned Trichologists to prevent early graying of hair. Check the list below to know the things that you must not do when graying of hair starts:

Never count your gray hairs by plucking them one by one

Plucking of hairs might devastate or traumatize the follicles that are not very good for hair. If you really want to avoid the gray hair, not pluck them, instead cut them with care.

Never take to any capricious ideas for coloration of hair

The touch-up home remedies like a wand, powders or pens work very well to hide the gray hair. But under the spell of worries you should not be so wild in using the things. Always check that the things are free from peroxide and ammonia. Though henna which is 100% natural and free from any harmful chemicals, is definitely a safe alternative to the chemical hair shade.

Never explore with exaggerated zeal for better color option for your hair

gray hair for the first time

Don’t pluck your gray hair. Instead cut that gray hair with care. Image Credit: Dennis Crowley

Coloring of your hair frequently using various products available in the market might damage your hair and will lead to graying. Before you apply color on your hair, always check if it is suitable for your hair and which kind of maintenance is required for it. Additionally, it is very important to meet the colorist after the equal interval. The variation of interval might hamper the tone of hair styling.

Never indulge in vulgar way of hair conditioning without expert’s advice

With the enhancement of graying, the hair starts becoming vulgar and wiry. So the hair experts suggest regular conditioning of hair to maintain the smoothness of hair and prevent graying.

Never forget that your hair always need proper nutrition, vitamins and proteins

According to studies, it has been proved that the graying of hair might be due to lack of vitamins, mainly the Vitamin B. Consumptions of protein-rich breakfast prove to be great for keeping your hair hydrate. Also, some of the healthiest dietary choices like yogurt, fruits, etc. lead to prevent gray hair. The soya base protein is also leads to healthy hair and prevents premature graying.

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Now, check what you should do when graying strikes your hair

Be free of stress and tense soon after the first appearance of gray hair. The gray hair is exposed when the production of hydrogen peroxide is interfered with the melanin. Unfortunately, there is not a natural way out of this problem. But there are a number of man-made home remedies to stop the situation being aggravated.

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India Gooseberry:

Of all the home remedies, the use of India Gooseberry is really very effective for preventing the problem of graying. This is a beneficial hair tonic to enrich hair as well as stop hair fall. Massaging your scalp with a few drops of lime juice is very beneficial to minimize the premature hair graying.

Curry Leaves:

Taking of curry leaves is helpful for healthy appearance of your hair and at the same time minimizes different disorders. The hair regains vitality. The extract of the leaves may be an excellent hair tonic when used with boiled coconut oil. It stimulates the growth of hair and brings the pigmentation of hair back to make it look healthy and shiny.

Ribbed Gourd:

The ribbed gourd when mixed with coconut oil also proves to be a very effective remedy for preventing premature graying of hair. The dried pieces of gourd soaked in coconut oil and be kept aside for a few days. Then the oil is boiled until the solid is reduced into residue turned into black. Application of this gourd-coconut oil enriches the hair root along with the restoration of the natural pigmentation.

Aroma Therapy:

One of the simplest methods of darkening of hair is intense messaging of scalp every day night before going to bed. For thin hair, rubbing of scalp with a few drops of lavender or chamomile help conditioning your hair.

Rosemary and Sage:

Take half cup of rosemary and the same amount of sage and sage in dried condition. And boiled them with two cups of water for half an hour. Now apply it on your gray hair. Go on messaging till it is dried. Repeat the process weekly, till you see your hair turn to its natural color.

A note for the Users

The users should undertake all the precautionary measures before following the instructions of the tips and remedies. It is always advisable to consult the health professionals if your skin is highly sensitive and allergic to any remedies.

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