Do You Know Taking Too Much Egg White Cause Hair Loss?

If you are suffering from hair loss, then you should immediately find a better way for proper hair growth and hair nourishment. It has been known to all for many years that egg is the best element of hair as a natural treatment, but you should be cautious in taking egg for your hair, if you are undergoing from hair loss problems.

People highly like to take eggs for hair as it is the best natural products which is the source of many important elements for human body like: sulphur, iodine, calcium, sodium, zinc, selenium and so on.

White eggs also contain vitamin-12, 2,1 biotin, and choline as well as folic acid and niacin also. If you are worried for your hair loss, then you should not eat unbaked eggs as it causes hair loss. So, try to avoid raw eggs for hair falls.

Why deficiency of biotin causes hair loss?

Egg White Cause Hair Loss

Bowl of egg whites; Credit: wikimedia commons/Douglas P Perkins

Not only raw eggs hair, but also the deficiencies of biotin in the human body also causes hair fall. Biotin is nothing but a variety of Vitamin –B complex and this vitamin is very important for hair growth. When our bodies do not get enough portions of vitamins, then the chances of hair loss become high.

Actually, biotin deficiency occurs because of taking the excess amount of white eggs as these carry avidin which combines biotin. Anti-bacterial medicine also hampers the biotin producing bacteria for proper management.

The biotin deficiency also happens to the chronic dieters and they become free from hair loss when they back to you their normal eating habits after ending the diet.

So, undoubtedly, we can say that eggs definitely are helpful for hair growth but the people should take it in a limited portion as eating excessive white eggs causes biotin deficiency and as a result, they lose their hair.

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  1. finaduo says:

    hi, there. I don’t know this reason cause alopecia. But I think I will avoid eating white eggs. Frequently every morning I would put an egg between bread. As you said, it would be allowed when your hair loss. Thank you for your tips.

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