The Thoughts You Have The First Time You Find A Gray Hair

Gray hair is one of the classic things of old age. But it might be the crisis for the middle aged people. It poses midlife tragedy. It has been found by the researchers that the cause of the gray hair is the building of Hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicles. These results in Oxidative stress and premature graying as well.

Though it is natural process, people in the mid thirty’s or even earlier, get so irritated for the first appearance of gray hair that they go to the extreme end to hide them. Here are the thoughts that you might have for the first time when you notice gray hair.

  1. You suffer a drastic initial stun when in the bathroom or in your living room you find a gray hair during the doing of hair.
  2. You will lead to utter disbelief of the fact that there might be gray hair attached to your head.
  3. Immediately you start to deny the real fact. And you start to believe that it can’t happen.
  4. You promptly decide to dye away the evidence of gray hair and feel free to remain in youthful stage.
  5. Later you begin to think that dying your hair constantly is demanding for you and feel that you can’t afford dying your hair professionally every time you need to do it.
  6. You suffer more frustration when you see that the home brand dyes only destroy the rest of your hair.
  7. So you become too angry that you had not been ready for this. You try to establish by shouting that you are not too old that it appears to be. You are yet very young.
  8. Now you recall with irritation the people who made you frustrated and also stressed in your lifetime.
  9. You might bring to your memory every fight that you ever had with your sister. Glaring at your sister you might wish to kill her.
  10. You start to blame your mom for late coming home and let you live your life alone. You think definitely it is your mom who is to blame for the gray hair.
  11. During the time you used to have too many friends and a stalker that tried to overcome you and also tried to murder you.
  12. You start to think tearfully that you could prevent all these things if you could do yoga before.
  13. You might fight harder to get out of bed after 8 hours of sleep.
  14. You start to realize that it is not possible for you to change the past. So, you decide to accept the new chapter of your life.
  15. Once you can do, you will realize that it is not impossible to handle with such a great deal.
gray hair thoughts

You might think, what could be the the reason of your gray hair? Image Credit:

When gray hair comes to your way, it is wise to go gray gracefully. Any person who treats gray hairs with color, knows it very well that it is a lengthy job as well as cost effective. While coloring of hair is always a quick option, we love to see man or woman with naturally growing hair.

Turning partial gray hair into complete gray is a touching decision and burdened with a lot of unenthusiastic connotations. If you continue coloration, you will end up in hitting the salon or the medicine stores earlier than before.

While coloring of gray hair is the only option, we love to see women who have accepted their gray eyes. It is a movement that grows for the last few years, because more and more high profile women embrace their own naturally growing gray hair. But why should one accept gray hair when he or she first finds it.

Here one should know the science behind going gray hair. In some of the complex studies the researchers made a complex studies about why people go gray.

In the researches of the hair follicles, it is shown that hair naturally produces a strong hormone called catalyse that function as an oxidative catalyst that decomposes hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.

But, in the process of aging, catalase level lowers and the hydrogen peroxoide doesn’t break down and can’t protect or build up hair follicle.

This situation leads to hair damage. According to normal process, other enzyme comes to make up the lose and repair the damage. But, as we get older, their amount also gets lowered. The gets lower day by day.

The beauty connection

When older women color their hair, the effect is not same as it used to be in their young age. Hydrogen Peroxide can work together with the dye and make hair color much stronger and shining.

Graying of hair prompting the experts to test the chemical reaction that might open the possibility of unlocking the youth and reversing the process of graying.

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