What Makes Hair And Scalp Oily? Here Are EXACT Reasons With Remedies

The hair on the scalp depicts the personality of an individual. Whatever makeup you put on, if you have a good hair style then that adds a new dimension to the beauty.

However, it is a little hard with greasy hair. When the scalp releases excess oil, then the hair becomes oily and is difficult to maintain.

If you are scrolling this page, then read on to see the causes and effects of oily hair and scalp and how to get rid of them.

Why hair and scalp become oily?

Awareness is most important. It is easy to repair the damage caused due to oily hair if you know the proper reason behind it. The scalp becomes oily passing it on to the hair. This oil is the sebum that is produced by the body. It is a natural process.

But the excess of it is aberrant. It may be excessively secreted due to hormonal imbalance. There are many other causes too which we will be discussing in the upcoming sections. Hence, you need to find out the root cause of the oiliness to prohibit the problem. Read on to find more.

What exactly causes oiliness in hair and scalp?

The greasiness is caused due to certain factors. These factors can vary from person to person depending on the metabolism of the body.

Hereditary: The common cause for oiliness of the scalp is the genes. You may have inherited the probability of such a condition from your parents. Hence, the greasiness can be hereditary.

Hormonal fluctuation: Hormonal change occurs with most women who are on the stage of menopause. The hormonal balance can also be disturbed if you take the birth control pills. Such changes are also observed in most teenage persons who can be the main reason behind oily scalp and hair.

Mass of the body: Sometimes you take supplements to increase the body mass. These supplements are androgenic hormones which can make your scalp and hair oily.

Very fine hair: Individuals having finer and thin hair are prone to oiliness as they have increased a number of oil glands than normal. So apparently excess sebum will be secreted in the scalp.

Can oily hair be treated?

Well, of course. The problem is not as big as you think if it is being treated at the right time. The secretion of sebum is natural for the body.

However, the excess of it is unwanted. Excess secretion of sebum makes the scalp oily and hence the roots of the hair also become greasy. This greasiness is passed on to the hair follicles.

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You need to have a check on the excess secretion of the sebum. A careful and systematic approach can give you the best result.
Here we discuss various tips and points which would help you to have oil free hair. Maintaining these practices will enhance the quality of the hair.

Day to day tips to wipe out the oily build ups from scalp

Definitely, you do not want greasy hair. So you would do anything to keep it on the check, right? Then why not follow simple tips. A daily and regular practice can alleviate oiliness and improve your hair qualitatively. These tips can be practiced in your normal routine, and thus less effort is to be put for the maintenance of the same.

Make sure you condition the ends instead of roots

We condition the hair to make it moisturised and soft. However oily hair does not need any more moisturising effect. So generally conditioner is not recommended for oily and greasy hair. But if you are using one then apply it to the bottom, that is, towards the end. The portion of the hair closer to the root should not be applied with conditioner.

Using dry shampoo

Oily hair already contains enough moisturizer on the roots. When it becomes excess, the hair looks like lost lustre. In this case, you can take the spray of dry shampoo which shows the immediate effect by absorbing the excess oil rapidly.

The shine of the hair is being restored, and the hair starts looking better again. This is particularly used when sweat comes out rapidly making your scalp greasy.

Using baby powder

For greasy hair, baby powder can be used as a dry shampoo. It is basically an emergency tip. If you feel that your hair is losing its shine and lustre and you have nothing in hand then the best way is to rub baby powder at the roots. This rubbing makes your hair refreshed, and you can get sometimes more, before washing your hair.

Wash your hair non frequently

Washing oily hair on a regular basis tends to produce more oil. Why? Well, the reason is quite obvious. When you wash the hair, then the glands produce more oil to replace the washed out build ups.

Therefore, the regular wash would make the hair even oilier. Washing it within a gap of two to three days would keep it balanced. With time, the excess oil produced becomes lesser gradually.

Rinsing the hair with cold water

Washing the hair makes the hair follicles open up. Hence, the oil may be secreted more often. Therefore after rinsing, give a final wash to the hair with cold water. Cold water helps in closing up the opened up follicles thus secreting less sebum after the wash.

Do not brush in excess

Brushing the hair in excess removes the oil build ups. Hence, the glands secrete even more sebum to compensate the removal. Hence the more you brush the hair, the greasier it becomes. So give a balance brushing to the hair which should be soft enough to keep the hair intact and does not disturb the glands.

Wise choice of products

Oily hair should be taken care. Therefore, the products which you use for your hair should be chosen carefully and wisely. For example, avoid those products which add extra shine to the hair.

The shine brings more oil to the hair. Instead of that, you can buy those products which would give a voluminous look to your hair and keep it less greasy. Such products usually have less oil composition and thus, give a natural look to the hair.

Keep your fingers away from the hair

You would make the condition worse if you constantly keep touching the hair. Your fingers contain natural oils. Moreover, you can pick oil from the food which you eat.

If you play with the hair on a continuous basis, this natural oil will pass through the hair making the scalp oilier. Therefore, decrease the grease on the hair by keeping your fingers away from it.

Do not straighten the hair

Just avoid it. Straightened hair opens up a straight and smooth path for the grease to move down the hair shaft. Thus, it comes to notice quickly, and hair looks greasier. Therefore do not straighten or flat iron your oily hair. It will lose the natural property.

oily hair

Use clarifying shampoo

Washing with shampoo may clean up your hair, but some oil build ups may remain unnoticed. These build-ups can get serious if not wiped at the proper time. So it is advisable to use a good clarifying shampoo at least twice a month.

It helps to remove all minute traces of grease. You can have a natural clarifying shampoo or a branded one as suitable to your hair.

Try different hairstyles

Sticking to the same hair style would make the glands adapt to the condition. Hence, the greasier look will gradually increase. Trying out different hairstyles would fade away such look, and the natural shine will be restored. Generally curly hair style is preferable. It keeps the excess oil at check.

Topmost natural ways to mitigate greasiness in hair

Natural is always good and preferable for skin and hair. Instead of using branded products you must try your hands at natural remedies to have grease-free hair. The below-mentioned ways work effectually on oily hair and do not have side effects too.

Using aloe vera

Aloe vera is the mother of all natural ingredients. It is composed of useful minerals and healthy enzymes which enhance the quality of the hair and cut down the excess oil secretion. Aloe vera can be used as a shampoo by following a certain procedure.

Take a cup of mild shampoo and add aloe Vera and lemon juice of one spoon each. It is a homemade shampoo which can be used up to a week once stored. Allow this shampoo to stay on your hair and scalp for some minutes and then rinse off.

Using lemon

Lemon juice is healthy for oily scalp. It absorbs the extra oil and enhances the quality of the hair. Extract the juice from two lemons and add two cups of water into it. Mix it with three spoons of honey.

Take the mixture and apply it on the scalp moving your fingers in circular movements. Allow to stay for five minutes and rinse off with a little warm water. To get the best result try this for at least three times in a week.

Using Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid which helps to maintain the pH balance of the scalp thus controlling the excess secretion of oil. It is very simple to use. Just add three spoons of the vinegar in a single cup of distilled water and rinse the hair with this solution after shampoo. Take a few minutes of time and then wash with regular water.

Using witch hazel oil

This oil controls the excess production of sebum in the glands. Take four drops of the oil and blend with two spoons of water. Take cotton balls and dip into the mixture. Apply these absorbed shots on the scalp.

Using black tea

Excess oil can be effectively cut down by astringent. And the best-known astringent is tannic acid. It is present in black tea. It tightens the pores of the scalp thus reducing the excess secretion of oil.

Boil two spoons of black tea leave in a small cup of water. Filter out the leaves and take the solution for cooling to room temperature. Apply the blend on the scalp and hair strands. After leaving it for five minutes wash off using a mild shampoo.

Using baking soda

Baking soda has qualities of oil absorbing and thus can be counted as a good home remedy for greasy hair. Mix baking soda and water in a proportion of 1:3. Make your hair damp and apply the mixture on the damp hair.

Allow it to stay for a few minutes. Then wash off your hair with tepid water. The baking soda is also used as a dry shampoo.

Using fuller’s earth

Fuller’s earth is known to be a natural absorbent of the oil. Make a thick paste of the powder by adding a little water and apply it on the scalp and hair strands. Wash it off after twenty minutes with warm water. It improves the blood flow and enhances the quality of the hair too.

Using egg masks

Eggs are always the best conditioners for the oily hair as it fights the excess oil with ease and improves the quality of the hair. Take one egg and break it into a cup. Apply it directly on the damp hair.

Allow it to dry for twenty minutes. Then wash it off and clear it with shampoo. You can also use the egg white in a mixture of lemon juice and apply on the damp hair. After allowing it to stay for five minutes wash it off using a mild shampoo.

Using tomatoes

Tomatoes are good controlling agents for excessive oil. Make a mixture of tomato juice and one spoon of fuller’s earth. Mix well and apply on the hair and scalp meticulously. Cover the head by folding the hair at one place using a shower cap and leave for about thirty minutes. Then rinse with cold water.

Using bananas and honey

Bananas make good homemade conditioner. And it is good for greasy hair. Crush a ripe banana and make a paste out of it by adding one spoon of honey. Apply it on the root of the hair until the tip end. Allow it to dry for about twenty minutes and wash off with warm water.

Emergency tips to keep oily hair on check

Oily hair can give you embarrassing moments when you are at the workplace or at a party. For this, you have to be ready with certain emergency tips which would lead to positive results before you get home to reimburse the bad effect.

Keep paper towels in hand

Paper towels can absorb the excess oil secretion at least for the time being. If you are unable to reach home quickly or forgotten the dry shampoo, then paper towels serve you the best in such emergency.

Have a hand sanitizer

Sanitizer contains alcohol which can easily beat the oil as it beats the germs in our hands. Hence, for quick emergency take a little sanitizer and rub against the scalp to regain the refreshing look.

What is the recommended shampoo for oily hair?

Oily hair may not be improved by using the normal regular shampoo. Greasiness cannot be easily wiped if the normal shampoo is used. Moreover, you should also see the composition of the shampoo before buying.

If the composition indicates the components which enhance the shine of the hair, then you should not buy it. Extra shine is not needed for your hair.

However, you should buy the shampoo which contains the higher alkaline value. For oily hair and scalp, the clarifying shampoos are best recommended. They break the oil build ups and maintain the oil balance in the hair. Use it twice a month to have useful results.

Oily hair doesn’t deserve conditioner- YES or NO

Oily hair does not need a conditioner. The work of a conditioner is to moisturize the hair and keep the shine of the strands intact. So it would be the addition of oil if the conditioner is used in the oily and greasy hair. Even after shampooing, the moisture remains in oily hair. So it is unnecessary to use a conditioner.

Still then if you are using a conditioner then skip the roots. Apply the conditioner from the middle portion of the hair till the end avoiding the root of the hair. It would be best seeking a good result.

Take this step carefully while using conditioner. You can opt for natural conditioners rather than branded ones too. However, the conditioner can be used in oily hair if the above step is followed.

So which conditioner is to be used?

Choose the conditioner like you choose your shampoo. Use the particular conditioner manufactured for oily hair. You can drop at a local shop and find out which one to be used. Check for simple composition.

If you go for natural conditioners, then try olive oil. A little use of olive oil can condition your oily hair efficiently. Moreover, egg yolks give you the best conditioning effect. As discussed earlier egg white with honey conditions your hair and makes it shine naturally.

Handling greasy gym hair

Hair can become greasier after a workout. Handling gym hair can be really difficult because your body becomes tired after the gym. Hence simple quick tips can be followed to regain the freshness of the hair.

Wash your hair with a shampoo after the gym. Apply conditioner positively with the same method as mentioned earlier. Gym hair becomes too sweaty hence it is recommended to use dry shampoo after the gym follow up. It would effectively remove the oil build up and also leave a soothing smell.

Take care of the diet too

You may not agree, but the diet can also be the cause of oily hair. Your body needs to remain hydrated all the time. Hence, keep drinking lots of water. Maintain a perfect diet regimen.

With already greasy hair, try to avoid oily food. Taking fatty food can only activate the glands and leads to excess secretion of sebum. Consume foods rich in protein such as fish and nuts. Lots of fruits and vegetables are healthy to maintain the balance of the oil secretion.

Thus it is better to have a proper food diet apart from following the above-mentioned tips.

Now we are done

Now we know all about greasy hair and how to maintain it. It is up to you to implement the same and take care of the greasiness. If it is sincerely followed, then it would never be a problem to you. Try out various tips as per your conditions and take note of every fact stated.

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