The Wonders Of Kalonji Oil For Hair Treatment

Hair loss is a common disorder than can happen to anyone. No one is immune to it but with proper treatment and care, hair troubles can be averted. There are many things and reasons that can cause hair loss or other hair conditions.

So, if you are suffering from any hair disorder, there is no need to panic because there is a solution to it. The first thing is to identify the cause of the problem. Find out if it is hereditary, or a symptom of a disease. Once you have identified the cause, then the next step is to start treating it.

The good thing about hair treatment is that nature has already given us more than we asked for. It has blessed us with many plants and seeds that can be used to maintain the natural beauty of our hairs, and Kalonji oil is one of such.

Is Kalonji oil the way out for hair loss?

All around the world, a lot of people suffer hair loss and other hair disorder on a daily basis. They experience over 20 to 100 strands of hair breakups on a daily basis, which can often be replaced by a newer hair.

The good thing is that hair disorders such as unexpected hair loss that affect certain areas of the head, slow loss of hair from the top, alopecia and other types of hair trouble can be prevented and managed. With natural products like Kalonji oil, hair disorder is a thing of the past.

Kalonji oil has been proven on several occasions to be active for hair loss prevention and treatment. The oil is 100% natural and can also help to initiate hair re-growth.

Can Kalonji oil be mixed with other herbal products?

Yes, Kalonji oil can be mixed with other herbal products. The following are few examples of herbal products you can mix with Kalonji oil.

  • Lime juice
  • Apple vinegar
  • Olive oil
  • Mehandi powder

These products also help when used to treat hair fall, so using them with Kalonji oil makes them more effective.

kalonji oil

Kalonji Oil (aka Black Seed Oil)

What actually is Kalonji oil?

Kalonji oil is also known as black seed oil.

It has other names, but the most common names are Kalonji and black seed oil. The oil has strong medicinal benefits, especial when used as part of a constant regimen. It is highly concentrated and made up of what is called “black cumin” or tiny black colored seeds. Scientifically, they are called Nigella sativa.

Where does Kalonji oil come from?

Kalonji oil is simply gotten from black seeds. It is extracted when the seed is compressed and squeezed to a certain degree. There are many home appliances one can use to make your own oil, or you may decide to buy it commercially.

The black seed is gotten from Nigella Sativa flower and it originates from North Africa, Asia, and Mediterranean and has spread throughout the globe. Black seeds have also been used for many years. In fact, the ancient people considered it to be a cure for everything except death.

What makes Kalonji oil so effective?

Kalonji oil is different from other natural oils such as olive and coconut oil because it’s an essential oil. The ingredients present in this oil enable it to act as a natural remedy for almost everything. Some of its properties are:

  • Anti-cancer
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Anti-bacteria
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-inflammatory

However, the 2 most active chemicals found in this oil which is responsible for its effectiveness are thymoquinone and thymohydroquinone.

Other names of Kalonji oil

Kalonji oil has different common names. So, if you are planning to get this oil commercially or describe it to someone, then it would be better if you are familiar with these names.

The names are; black caraway, funnel flower, black cumin, nutmeg flower, Nigella Sativa oil and roman coriander.


  1. Amla Oil
  2. Egg Oil

How Kalonji Oil Works For Hair Treatment

Kalonji oil works in a special way. In fact, the result is almost immediate when it is applied the right way. Kalonji oil can treat, maintain and prevent many hair conditions. It is also 100% natural and safe and works well for the following conditions.

Kalonji oil for hair restoration

If you don’t take proper care of your hair, the result might be dryness as well as thinning of your hair. There are also many products in the market that damage the hair unknowing to us.

That’s why one must be very careful when applying any substance for hair treatment. Kalonji oil is not only for promoting general hair health it can also help in restoring your hair.

Kalonji oil as a remedy for premature graying

Kalonji oil helps to nourish the scalp. It also helps to stimulate hair growth and can promote the process that leads to melanin production, which is responsible for hair and skin color.

Kalonji oil also has some powerful antioxidants, and it offers a high level of anti-aging benefits. The antioxidants present according to research can counteract the effects of free radicals that causes aging (graying of hair).

How to use for premature graying: If you want to reverse or prevent your hair from going gray, massage your hair with Kalonji oil regularly and you will see the result in a short time.

Kalonji oil for hair loss

Kalonji oil is also helpful for prevention and control of hair loss. When you rub your head with this natural oil, it will help to strengthen your hair follicle, thus preventing hair fall. Just follow the steps on how to use and the end result will surprise you.

How to use for hair loss: If you want to prevent hair fall before it happens, get lemon juice and wash your scalp with it, allow it to stay for 15 to 20 minutes, then, wash with shampoo and allow it to dry properly. Once the hair has dried, massage your scalp with Kalonji oil thoroughly and drink a teaspoon of the oil mixed in either coffee or tea. You should continue doing this for up to 5weeks to see the results.

Kalonji oil causes hair to grow back

Kalonji oil is also considered as an antifungal that stops the infection responsible for hair loss and it has some wonderful properties that allow it to initiate healthier hair growth.

Kalonji oil contains fatty acids, which are very beneficial to your hair. It helps to protect the hair from damages produced by every day combing, environment, styling and others. In addition, it also helps to stimulate hair growth as well as strengthen the hair.

How to use to grow back hair: For your hair to grow back, rub Kalonji oil on the affected spot for some time. You can use it for a whole month, stop for some period and then continue for another month.

Kalonji oil eradicates dandruff

The itchiness caused by dandruff can make you restless. In fact, everyone suffering from it look for ways to put an end to it as fast as they can because of the embarrassment it can cause. If you are suffering from dandruff, know that Kalonji oil can help you get rid of it. The process to apply it is very simple as shown here.

How to use for dandruff: for dandruff treatment, get the following items:

  • 10 grams of Kalonji oil
  • 30 grams of olive oil
  • 30 grams of Mehandi powder

Once you have these items, mix them together and heat for some minutes till it turns into a paste. The paste should be applied over your head and you can wash it away after some minutes.

Kalonji oil improves hair health

Kalonji oil is also very good for hair treatment and there are various ways you can apply it. For better hair health, add coconut oil and Kalonji oil together in the ratio of 2:1. Once you have done so, massage into your hair and allow it to stay up to 30 minutes before washing off. This treatment will not only prevent hair loss but also make your hair look moisturized.

Kalonji oil for beard growth

If your beard is thin, then there is no need to worry because Kalonji oil can make it thicker for you. All you need to do is to take some of the oil and massage it gently into the beard. Another thing is to be sure it gets to the roots of your beard for best results.

Kalonji oil for scalp issues

There are lots of scalp issues that can cause severe health complications, so it is best to get the right treatment to solve them once and for all. People are always concerned about natural treatments and thanks to nature we have always had the best treatment options.

The fact is that itchy, oily, flaky or irritated scalp can cause serious health problems and discomfort and studies have revealed that adding Kalonji to your hair on a daily basis can help improve your scalp health tremendously.

Symptoms of dry scalp

The main thing that causes dry scalp is humidity, when you expose your scalp to drier environment it will result in flaking and peeling. Lack of oil in your hair can also cause dry scalp, and one of the main causes is the use of harsh shampoos which takes away oil from the hair and scalp. The symptoms of a dry scalp can come as itching, flakes of dry dead skin, and scratchy feelings.

How to use for dry scalp: For dry scalp, mix olive oil and Kalonji oil in the ratio of 3:1. Then heat the mixture and add some henna to form a paste. Once you have done this, use the paste on your scalp and allow it to stay for at least 1 to 2 hours before shampooing.


It is very important to use the right shampoo for your hair. Using a harsh one or the wrong one based on your hair texture can cause your hair and scalp to over dry. Get the right shampoo and consider adding some Kalonji oil into your lineup to improve moisture and hydration. This is very important especially when you are suffering hair dryness.

How to make your own Kalonji oil

Kalonji oil is not difficult to make if you have the right equipment. So, if you want to make your own oil, then you must have the following items:

  • An oil press
  • Kalonji seeds

You can buy your own oil press or get from your neighbor. The thing is some of the oil press can only press oil from seeds that contain a high amount of oil or fats. For this, Kalonji oil is ideal because it contains about 35% of fats and oil. So, if you have your oil pressing machine ready, then follow these steps to prepare your Kalonji oil.

STEP 1: Clean and dry your Kalonji seeds. Make sure it does not contain sand and dirt in order to have pure oil.

STEP 2: Clean your machine properly to make sure there is no contaminant from other oil pressings.

STEP 3: Now, get your oil pressing machine ready. Assemble all the parts of the machine by simply following the instructions that came with the machine. Place the oil bottle where it is supposed to be.

STEP 4: Give the machine some time to heat before using it.

STEP 5: Place the right quantity of seeds into the funnel of the machine, then turn on the machine and observe. Please know that it will take some time for the oil to start coming out, so be patient.

STEP 6: Continue adding more seeds into the funnel till the container for oil become full, then, allow the oil to settle in a dry and warm place for some minutes. Allow the remnants to settle to the bottom before you extract the pure oil.


It is advisable to follow instructions that come with your particular oil pressing machine. These machines vary and so is their heat-up time.

Can I purchase commercially?

If you don’t have the time to make natural Kalonji oil at home, then you can purchase it from online or local stores. Buy kalnji oil from a trusted and reputable source to be sure you have the right product.

Kalonji oil is 100% natural and safe for your hair and scalp. It contains beneficial ingredients that help to boost hair health and fight against different hair disorders like baldness, hair fall, premature graying, dandruff, as well as scalp issues. You can apply the oil to your skin and also drink it. It is safe and active as claimed and it also nourishes your hair in a special way.

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