SEBUM – Overproduction Issue, Reasons (How-to Control Guide)

Taking care of the skin is easy if you know the root cause of the problem. Sometimes there is a single cause which you have to deal with. At other times, there are multiple reasons.

Here we make inroads into the issue of the skin where sebum production is involved. Sebum is a heck of an issue which should be solved right away to avoid further skin and hair problems.

A detailed description would help you go deep into the matter thus adding to the easy recovery of the problem.

What do we understand about sebum?

The skin cells are very sensitive and can get affected even by small disorders. Usual disorders cause dryness at first and gradually this leads to multiple problems. The mammalian skin comprises of sebaceous glands.

These glands secrete oily substance called sebum. Sebum is composed of fats which do not get dissolved in water. The moisture needs to be retained in the skin and hence, the sebum helps in trapping the required water in the skin cells. For different age group the composition of sebum varies too.

As we advance through the topics, we would know both the sides of the fatty oil.

Two sides of sebum oil – Good and Bad

Well, the sebaceous glands are helpful indeed. But excess secretion is harmful. There are certain pros and cons of the fatty oil. Both the sides have to be considered before going for the treatment of the same.

Good side

The glands are present usually in the follicles of the hair and help retain the required moisture in the hairy areas. But some hairless portions are also attached with this gland.

how to control sebum

Sebaceous gland’s waxy substance – SEBUM; Image Credit: Wikipedia

For instance, take the example of eyelids. The waxy substance secreted by the glands in the eyelids keeps the moisture intact in the eyes. The tears contain the oily substance sebum which helps in keeping the eyes moisturised. Thus, you see the good side of the oily substance.

Moreover, newborn babies come out smooth from the womb because of the sebum effect. Otherwise, they would appear wrinkled on coming out from a heavy watery surrounding.

The regulated production of sebum prevents the formation of bacteria and fungi on the skin too.

Bad side

However, an excess of anything inclines to the adverse effect. Excess secretion of sebum leads to skin disorders such as acne, pimples, etc. Skin becomes oily and sometimes bad odour is followed.

What are the reasons behind overproduction of Sebum?

There are a number of reasons of excess secretion of sebum from overactive sebaceous glands. These causes also vary with age. Therefore, individuals from different age group hold varied causes.

Oily diet

The excess secretion of natural oil means the extra emission of the fatty oils sebum. These oils are being secreted in required manner as per the body metabolism. When you increase the intake of oily food in your diet, this extra oil causes the glands to add up the secretion.

The oily food is found mostly in junk food items. When you consume them, the excess oil is popped up in the form of acne and pimples.

Deficiency in vitamin

The vitamin A regulates the secretion of sebum oil. But if your body lacks vitamin A then it is prone to excess secretion of waxy substance in the glands. The entire function of the sebaceous glands becomes disturbed on the shortage of vitamin A.

Missing fatty acids

The diet regimen which you are following should not miss out fatty acids. Fatty acids keep the body balanced by controlling the androgen production, that is, the male hormone which can be the root cause of the excess production of sebum. If the level of fatty acid intake decreases then, it would add up to the excessive discharge of lubricating oil sebum.

What effects are faced on excess production of sebum?

Over production of sebum have practically many side effects. Some effects can be mitigated while some others linger for a long time. To mention a few:

Oily scalp and hair

The excess production of the natural oil sebum brings an oily scalp and thus oily hair. The oil remains clogged on the hair follicles and invites the growth of fungal infection. As a result, the root of the hair weakens. It gradually leads to loss of hair and finally baldness.

Acne and pimples

It is embarrassing to have an oily face as it badly affects the self esteem. The excess oil appears on the face and makes the skin oily. This oil takes the form of acne and pimples and thus affects your facial personality.

What steps should be taken to control the excessive discharge of sebum?

Certain steps are to be followed to manage the excess secretion of sebum in the glands. You might take the time to adapt these steps but it would be good in the long run. You can opt for any of the options considering the level of the production of the sebum oil.


These are simple tips which can be followed for proper regulation of sebum production.

Drink lots of water

Any extra oil would be compensated by the increased intake of water. It helps in digestion and balances the entire metabolic activities thus emphasising on sebaceous glands.

Vitamin A & B

It is essential for healthy living and good skin. Your diet must include vitamin A and vitamin B. Healthy foods such as spinach and egg yolks are the best for vitamin A intake.

Maintain a habit to include such foods for the consumption of vitamin A. Moreover meat, fish and leafy vegetables must also be included in the diet to manage the sebaceous glands. Such foods contain vitamin B. Other than these try to avoid consumption of junk foods.

Important:- Also stay away from vitamin A depletes like alcohol and coffee.

Say No to shampoos containing Sulphates

Sulphates can increase the secretion of sebum balls and make the scalp oily. Hence, the shampoos which contain the sulphate extracts should be alleviated.

Use turmeric and lemon juice

Turmeric is the master of treatment of any skin disorder. When it is added with lemon juice, then the effect is miraculous. A little turmeric added to drops of lemon juice is a perfect scrub for oily skin.

When used regularly, the excess production of sebum is gradually controlled. Make it a paste and apply on the face. Allow to dry for about fifteen minutes and then wash off. It would soothe the sebaceous glands and ensure that excess oil is not generated.


Lifestyle change can also catalyse the process of regulation of sebaceous glands. Our daily life has a lot of effect on our skin. Hence, it is wise to follow a change in lifestyle.

Have a good sleep

You need to manage your daily routine in such a way that you get a good sleep. When we sleep, our body focuses on the efficient running of the metabolic activities. Hence, the sebaceous glands remain in the balanced activation state.

Regular exercise

Exercising on a regular basis facilitates proper blood flow to all the organs and therefore the glands function properly. It is very helpful in controlling the secretion of excess sebum.

Get over your stress

Regulate your time table so as to remain stress-free. When you are stressed, the sebaceous glands get overly excited adding to secretion of excess oil. Therefore, control your level of stress to the maximum extent.

Use of moisturiser

Moisturiser is always advisable for any skin type to maintain the stability of the skin texture. However, a moisturiser helps to retain the required oil content on the skin which is how the sebaceous glands come under control. A soothing moisturiser must be used at the end of the day to improve the quality of the skin.

Wash your face in Excess

Excess oil can be cut down by excess water. Make sure you over wash your face on a daily basis. It helps in wiping out the surface oil and clears the skin from the excess oil.


If the issue lingers in spite of several simple attempts, then it would be better if you seek medical help. Medical treatment has various theories for such issues.

Follow Laser Treatment

You can have a laser treatment. Laser treatment helps to cut down the excess oil and regulate the rate of production of sebum. It is a simple procedure and do not have much side effects.

According to Joshua L. Fox (Dermatologic Surgeon), Smoothbeam 1250 nm diode laser is a good option for cutting down excess sebum production. Because, it goes in-depth of the skin, finds sebaceous glands, and then causes injury to it so that it produces sebum at a normal rate

Opt for Hormonal Therapy

Depending upon the cause of excess secretion of sebum oil you can fetch the help of hormonal therapy too. Hormonal therapy involves the diagnosis of the responsible hormone which caused the overproduction and then following the concerned regimen for the same.

Take Microdermabrasion

When the excess oil affects largely the skin, then the formation of acne and pimples become regular and are difficult to control. In such cases, you may go for the microdermabrasion. It is a treatment for the permanent removal of acne caused due to the excess sebum.

It involves a procedure where crystals of aluminium oxide are used under mild suction to help remove the dead skin and rejuvenate the surface of the skin. The removal is gentle as assured.


Your skin is precious. If you take care at an early stage, then the recovery is easier and faster. It is quite simple to have a beautiful skin and scalp but the difficulty arises in maintaining it. Why to compromise when everything is in your hands. Straighten up and get to the cause to remove the problem.

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