DO’s and Don’ts of Gray Hair

Of late gray hair has gone from feared to preferred as models, celebs, and young women across the world head to salons for the silver-y tone request. During the last two years, a large number of celebrities have stepped out with gray locks. Even Pink shade has gone gray. One of the renowned colorists in New York City claims that though it is not conventional, yet it goes well very nicely on a few skin shades.

According to hairdressers, during the last few years, the number of young women who’ve requested gray dying has shot up abruptly. For some costumes gray hair is an essential addition. If you like to turn your black hair into gray at your young age, consult any of the renowned colorists.

But, the problem with the men and women presently suffering from the problem of graying.

What must you “Do’s” to prevent graying hair

Going gray in young age is a matter of concern, though for the aged it is normal. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t fight against it. There are several natural ways that you can “ do” to stop growing gray hair. Or you can reverse the growing gray.

1. You must try to cure some of the medical conditions like thyroid disorders and stomach or intestinal disorder, or presence of any bacteria or parasites in the body.

2. Take the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals. Start growing wheat grass that is much helpful for supplying nutrients to your hair to prevent it from being gray. So start growing wheat grass to stop growing gray hair. It shows dramatic improvement.

do's and don'ts of gray hair

Gray Hair; Image Credit:- Philippe Alès / Wikimedia Commons

3. Consume para amino benzoic acid more and more. It is found in dairy products, eggs, molasses and whole grains. It promotes hair growth and also prevents graying hair. Also, it stops hair coming out gray.

4. The climate where you live has a great impact on your scalp and the hair. Proper blood circulation, protects hair from being gray. You should help blood circulation to transport to your hair follicles to prevent gray hair.

5. Stress plays an important role not only in overall health, but also in the skin and scalp. Get rid of stress and strain. It will help prevent graying of hair.

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What are the “Don’ts” that you must avoid to prevent gray hair

Hair starts graying with age when the cell that naturally produces pigment starts losing strength. Graying of hair is largely because of growing older. But this is not always the reason for graying hair. Also, there are other factors that can cause graying hair.

Among them, malnutrition, stress, genetics, or health disorders, and some lifestyle disorder subscribe to gray hair problem. Avoid a few things from your life if you want to delay graying of hair.

1. Quit Smoking. The more you smoke the more you call in danger for your hair. Smoking is one of the worst lifestyle disorders. Smoking expedites the aging process of the whole body. So, the first thing that you should promise today, even at this moment to stop smoking forever.

2. Say good bye to alcohol. It is very harmful for your skin and hair. It causes premature aging and makes the appearance older than the normal age. The person lost interests in work without puffing smoke. The smokers derive false pride out of puffing of smoke only to get energized at work. But, shun the habit of smoking now.

3. Give up coffee and junk food. Also minimize the consumption of refined sugar and flour. These food items only reduce your energy levels. You will get nothing in return out of them.

4. Your body will get nothing return them. To stay young your body needs nutrients, but junk food or coffee eats up the nutrients.

5. Never be under stress and anxiety. Prolonged periods of tensions and anxiety or other similar psychological conditions can lead to a gradual or sudden appearance of gray hair.

6. Never get disturbed sleep. Take care that you got sound sleep last night. Enough rest keeps you stress free all the next day. If your body and mind open up with full vigor, it won’t have a devastating effect on your skin and hair. So take care that you are not awake late at night to waste the hour allotted for sleeping.

7. What you eat, what you get. Never indulge in wrong eating habits only to satiate your taste buds. Consider their effects on your hair. Consume food rich in copper, iodine, selenium etc.

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There you have got some “Do’s and Don’t s“ that will help prevent your hair from graying. And also, the hair-health will get amazingly better day by day. If there are any other helpful tips, you can come with them to share with us and to all.

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