Can We Indicate Caffeine As a Reason of Premature White Hair?

Premature gray and white hair is nothing but a process where the follicles of hair named melanocytes drop their capability to create pigment (melanin) production.

Not only smoking, but also too much taking tea, coffee, alcohol, excessive oily, acidic and sour foods are highly responsible for graying hair as well as gray or white hair is a symptom of sickness also.

What type of foods we may take for preventing white hair in place of caffeine?

There are many causes behind white hair, but smoking, unhealthy lifestyle, taking too much oily, spicy and acidic foods and drinking tea, coffee, alcohol excessively are also considered as a reason of graying hair.

Unfortunately, there is no specified quick treatment for premature white hair, but taking clinically specified steps might be helpful for you.

The possibility of whitening hair becomes high when our body suffers from the lack of vitamin; specially vitamin B-12 and animal protein. These foods are helpful to create new pigmentation again to the hair follicles.

does caffeine cause premature white hair

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The deficiency of these foods in the human body decease the possibility to produce proper pigmentation as well as renewing hair also. The following eating habits should be added to your daily diet chart as these will be helpful to you for preventing premature gray hair:

  • Eating mainly vitamin, iodine, protein and iron based foods rather too much spicy, oily and junk foods.
  • Taking green vegetables, bananas, tomatoes and vitamin-B based foodstuffs.
  • Adding almonds, yogurts, animal meat, egg yolk, dried apricots, buttermilk on your diet.

The people should stay away from drinking extreme caffeine and alcohol as these foods occur nothing but harm to us. These are really not good for your skin along with causing white hair also.

So, be aware of taking junk food and drinking heavy caffeine because these foods will only decrease your level of energies of the body and you will not receive anything nutritious from them.

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