Is It Possible That Our Hair Turns Into White For Applying Lemon Juice On The Scalp?

It is not impossible to cure white hair, if daily eating habits can be changed. When you are suffering from white or gray hair, then must think positively that your hairs actually suffer from lack of nutrition rather just depending on the myth of “lemon causes white hair”.

Actually, the truth is lemon not only provides the ingredients of a fruit, but also contains the best source of vitamin B, C and phosphorus, which acts a best nourishment of healthy hair as well as for the cure of white hair too because the elements of lemon juice protects the hair follicles from damage.

Prevent your hair color from turning white, just applying lemon juice on the scalp

does applying lemon juice cause white hair

Lemon juice for hair; Credit: Wikipedia

Lemon juice is recommended by doctors for the prevention of white hair. The mixture of lemon juice and coconut oil can be the best medicine for gray hair. If you apply this mixture on your scalp daily, then will get the benefits very soon.

To make this pack, you need to mix the lemon juice and coconut oil and cannot be able to use until the mixture is heated. Then, you can message the whole warm pack in your scalp every day just before going to bed.

You can even use castor oil instead of mixing coconut. Then, it might be washed with herbal shampoo and pure, clean water in the next morning but not before.

Actually, hair holds the toxins which are responsible for hair damage and turning white. So, applying lemon on the scalp may remove the toxins and increases the rate of growing new black hair.

You can even get healthier hair by drinking lemon juice every day rather applying in the scalp as it also decreases the ratio of toxins from the body.

20 Responses to “Is It Possible That Our Hair Turns Into White For Applying Lemon Juice On The Scalp?”

  1. Mrugendra says:

    Hi, am male of 34 yrs. My question is in what proportion lemon juice and coconut oil should be mixed. Is it compulsory to heat the mixture?

    • Habib Faruk Himel says:


      You can take 4 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1-2 drops of coconut oil. And, YES, for getting the BEST result, it’s compulsory to heat the mixture

      • Mrugendra says:

        Hi, Thanks for revert. my hairs became white, not all are white. But it speedly geeting white. So to hide it am also using hair dye. Is it ok to dye hairs while doing this treamtment. For how much time should this mixture heated? Also should heated mixture to be cooled down before applying it?. How much time it will take to get the black colour?

        • Habib Faruk Himel says:


          It’s good to use hair dye to cover white hair, but the hair dye product must be organic to be safe.

          My suggestion is, you can pause dyeing your hair while using lemon juice and coconut oil treatment. You can heat the mixture until it gets mild. Then wait 2-4 minutes and apply it directly on your hair and scalp.

          I don’t know how much time it will take to get back the black color of your hair. If it really works on your hair, then you can expect the result in 1-3 months. Don’t just depend on this simple treatment. Read this guide to know what kind of things you will need to get the best result.

  2. divya says:

    I am 23years old, i use coconut oil with lemon juice. I worried that lemon juice increases white hair, so plz tell me what is good, i also use amla powder with lemon juice

    • Habib Faruk Himel says:

      There is nothing to worry about. You can use it, but the best will be, if you apply AMLA oil on your hair thrice a week, and onion juice once or twice a week. But the main point is, If you white hair’s reason is GENETIC, then there is nothing to do :(

  3. Aditi says:

    Hello, My question is, I am having dandruff and someone suggested me to apply lemon on affected scalp area. But,i heard that rubbing lemon on scalp turns hair grey. Is it true or myth.? Thank You

  4. vishaka says:

    I am just 17 year old(f). I have the problem of hair loss and white hair in five years. The doctor says its due to lack of vitamin B12. So i use the tablets and vitamin rich food. But still I am not happy. Can you have any suggestions? My problem is not genetical.

    • Habib Faruk Himel says:

      Along with taking vitamin B-12 tablets, you can consume foods that are rich in Vitamin B-12. Try not to stress too much and sleep very well. Apply coconut or amla oil daily/thrice a week. I think, This will help :)

  5. Namrata says:

    I am 25 yr old and my hair is getting gray beacuse of that i am losing confidence i started this lemon and coconut oil remedy for that along with that i have to use heena twice a month, just want to know that mixtue should be heated or i can use it normal?

  6. Sourav says:

    I have dandruff.. How to cure it? Can I apply lemon juice and if I use lemon juice will my hair turn white?

  7. hatsh tiwari says:

    Can I mix coconut oil curry leaves and lemon juice and amla juice together

  8. Ramson says:

    The remedy doesnt work. This one is a also a myth as the other remedies on the internet

  9. Sakshi says:

    Sir i just want to ask that my hair volume is getting low day by day. I suffering from hairfall i don’t know what to do kindly suggest me something

  10. Jiji says:

    My name is Jiji. I applied lemon juice on my scalp thrice in a week to cure dandruff. I didn’t mix it with hair oil. Now i am worried about that the direct use of lemon juice will turn my hair white. Is it true ?

  11. Vijay says:

    Sir it’s possible to regain ur black hairs ??

  12. Malatesh says:

    I am 24 years old my beard turning white what can I do sir please suggest me

  13. Malatesh says:

    I am using lemon and coconut oil remedy………………
    Shaving with cream is any side effects for home remedy please reply

  14. SATHISHA K says:

    I am 28 years old and I have soany white haire almost 40%of my head even my parents are having white haire full of these head..n they are 60+years old…n of I apply lemon juice with coconut oil will my black haire turns into black haire…..

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