Does Applying Honey To Hair Makes It White?

Honey causes white hair” is nothing but an ancient myth of anything rather, by applying honey on your scalp with a particular process will be so helpful to get a very healthy hair.

So, it is the time to just avoid this proof less older belief and take honey in your morning tea daily as well as it can be used for hair nourishment too.

How honey makes your hair healthy? And how it is the best hair nourishment forever?

Honey is famous for making the delicious taste of tea, but also has more beneficial aspects of the skin and hair. Honey can be the best hair medicine believed by the doctors as it contains a huge amount of vitamins, minerals and also acts as a moisture.

does applying honey cause gray hair

Honey for hair; Credit: Pixabay

Using honey on your scalp is not harmful to your hair rather it helps you for the proper nourishment of hair and can be considered as a best hair pack, if you apply it on hair in a proper manner. So, just know some following steps for making a good honey pack used as a best hair medicine ever.

Honey, olive or coconut oil and yoghurt or buttermilk are the ingredients for honey pack. To make the pack of honey, you need to keep olive oil in a bowl for making it warm. After that, just add honey, yoghurt/buttermilk and olive or coconut oil and mix them up perfectly for proper blending.

After applying this pack on the scalp, all the hair should be covered with a plastic cap for keeping the heat remain same in the whole portion of the hair. After keeping it for 20 minutes, you need to wash your hair thoroughly with luke water.

Try to use this pack at least two times in a month, then you will see the vast changes than before for a proper hair care and nourishment.

So, now, you dare to use honey as a best product for hair and your hair will not turn into white/gray for applying, rather will get a very moisturized and shiny hair.

6 Responses to “Does Applying Honey To Hair Makes It White?”

  1. grace says:

    I love black hair colour. I’m afraid whether I will lose it by using honey as a shampoo. Please respond.

    • Habib Faruk Himel says:

      If you think HONEY can make your hair white, then you are totally wrong. Honey doesn’t have any impact in making hair white, instead it helps hair to stay healthy and shiny.

  2. Hussain says:

    If we apply honey on face directly does my beard will grow white please let me know about this

  3. Supreeth says:

    Sir if u apply lemon &honey on face&beard it will any effect like avoiding the growth of beard or getting white beard
    One more I’m afraid ING once I putted salt & l emon water mixing on face & beard place it will beharmfully or not sir by not grow ING a beard & getting a beard white

  4. Johnson Teron says:

    if I apply honey on hair, does my hair will become white. I want to know about this

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