Top 9 Oils That Are Good For Forestalling Gray Hair

The gray hair emergence is perhaps one of the worst things for all. Wherever you are and whoever you may be, the premature graying of hair is a big problem. If you are young aged, the problem is challenging.

But, the people between 30-40 years old, it might be a quite natural phenomenon. Now, it is you who know it better, whether your hair is getting gray prematurely.

But, gone are the days when you had been worried about the problem of graying all the time. Presently, the Trichologists’ experiments suggest a number of remedies for preventing early hair graying. But, everybody votes for natural remedies as long as they are safe from any side effects.

Why should you use oil to forestall gray hair?

The people with gray hair, particularly the young and the young adults, get so crazy that they can’t help buying for different chemical based products to get rid of the problem fast.

But, it is not the problem that should be taken care of so fast. It is a very sensitive issue and needs careful handling. The natural remedies are the best to be opting for the purpose. Messaging of oil extracted from the different natural sources regularly on the scalp is very helpful for turning gray hair into the natural color.

Unlike other chemical products, the oil goes deeper into the scalp and strengthens the fiber content and binds hair protein. In course of time, the process of graying gets prevented, and also the possibility of growing gray hair is checked.

What are the best oils that help prevent gray hair?

best oils for gray

Best oils that help you to stay away from going gray; Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The opportunities for turning your gray into black hair are at your door now. If you love to replenish gray hair, and also wish to stay away from hair fall, just think about some of the oils that are wonderful to make your scalp full of nice shiny hair.

Apart from providing internal nourishment to your hair, the messaging of scalp with herbal oils is very effective. The oils for gray hair work so fast that you will hardly believe the results. The top 9 oils for preventing your gray hairs are:

  1. Emu oil
  2. Olive oil
  3. Castor oil
  4. Coconut oil
  5. Egg oil
  6. Rosemary oil
  7. Sage oil
  8. Black seed oil
  9. Amla oil

Let’s get to know one by one..

Emu Oil

Australia is well-known for its wildlife. The birds and animals that are found in Australia, do not found in other parts of the world. Emu is one of such Australian indigenous animal. The oil extracted from this animal has been used by the Australians for generations to resolve some of the health issues.

Those who prefer to go for with natural remedies and inorganic chemical products, it is great news for them that emu oil is also great for stopping gray hair.

Emu oil is great for therapeutic use. It is often overlooked that the oil is great for hair also. It might be preventing your graying of your hair, or softening it, or slowing down the hair fall, emu oil can deal every situation successfully.

Move confidently to turn aside your gray hair problem with the oil. If you really want to bring natural hair color back, that you used to have in the past, it is emu oil, rich in nutrient and vitamin, is a brilliant consideration.

Other hair benefits of emu oil

As the oil is rich in Omega acid (3&4), it has lots of other hair benefits such as:

  • Prevents hair loss
  • Helps to regrow hair
  • Wakes up many sleeping or 90% dying hair follicles
  • Helps to hydrate scalp
  • Normalizes many hair diseases
  • Normalizes hair color
  • Controls scalp diseases

Olive Oil

Olive is one of the most prominent mono-unsaturated Mediterranean diets. It is a fat collected from the fruit of Olea europaea or Olive tree. They are crushed and the paste and is well-stirred to extract oil following the process of soaking and softening.

After the removal of water, what remains is the pure olive oil. People prefer the oil for its multiple proven health benefits. Even more benefits are provided by the extra virgin oil. The taste of the dishes is elevated by adding fruity bitter taste of the oil.

Olive oil is very helpful for controlling damage hair and makes hair healthy and stronger. As a good moisturizer, it removes dust as well as other pollutants from the scalp. The ingredients of oil help to humidify and feed the hair.

The message of olive oil is considered one of the most ancient ways to control gray hair and reinstate normal hair color. As a sure scalp nourishment provider, it is a sure shot remedy for preventing gray hair. Consider it one of the best oils for gray hair.

Other benefits of olive oil

  • Prevents DTH Hormones Production
  • Promotes Scalp Health
  • Naturally Conditions the Hair
  • Fights off Bacteria and Fungi
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Helps darkening hair
  • Controls hair diseases

Castor oil

Castor oil is obtained by pressing the seeds of the plant. It is colorless, tinged with pale yellow. The oil and its derivates are used in producing lubricants, soaps, paints, inks, waxes etc. In natural healing process, the castor oil is used to treat various ailments human health. It is also claimed that its application on the skin can cure various problems. Specially for the hair scalp it is excellent.

For preventing gray hair growth Castor oil is great. Often it is advised to apply in any specific areas, particularly on the scalp to boost circulation of blood. If mixed with almond or coconut oil, turning off graying hair is faster.

The Omega-3 fatty acids ingredients of the oil can successfully prevent gray hair. One of the properties of the oil, called humectants, when combined with the other nutrients, help to lock the moisture of hair. This helps to darken the hair.

Other hair benefits of castor oil

  • Promotes hair growth
  • Treats scalp infections
  • Darkens hair
  • Treats dandruff
  • Thickens the hair mass
  • Helps to shine hair
  • Repairs split ends

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the best natural remedies for premature graying of hair, but also makes your skin soft, healthy and radiant. The fatty acid in the oil binds the protein in hair, and also cares for the roots and strands of hair. Lauric acid in coconut oil improves hair health.

Massage pure coconut oil on the scalp every night and wash off well in the next morning. You also can boil Coconut oil and Indian gooseberry till it turns to dark in color. Apply it on your scalp as well as hair and massage gently before going to bed every day to get effective results. It will foster hair growth and improve health of the hair.

Egg Oil

Egg oil is also known as egg yolk oil or ovum oil. Extracted out of egg yolks, the oil is rich in cholesterol, triglycerides and phospholipids of Linoletic acid, Palmitic acid and Oleic acid. Egg oil contains fatty acid, Vitamin A, B, B7, E and Lecithin which works as great nutrient for hair and prevents early graying of hair. To the ever-growing list of natural oils, egg oil is another innovative addition.

You can also make this oil at home. Take a few hard boiled eggs and peel it off after it is naturally cooled down. Separate the yolk from its white and smash the yolks into a shallow frying pan. Then heat till the oil oozes out of it. When the oil gets cooled, strain it and massage once in a week. It is one of the best oils for treating gray hair.

It is quite known facts now that going gray is induced by lack of melanin that is responsible for your hair color. With the age, a man produces less melanin that leads to gray hair. Though going gray is very natural for everybody, but sometimes it depends on the way of life and living.

But it could stealthily be shown in advance than likely. The message of the oil opens the blocked capillaries and increases the blood circulations. The necessary nourishment to the hair root protects hair from graying.

Other hair benefits of egg oil

  • Restores and replenishes the smoothness of the hair
  • Helps to grow hair
  • Controls hair fall
  • Turns hair silky
  • Irritates the growth of hair
  • Works very well as a conditioner
  • Offers proper nourishment
  • Checks premature graying

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil is extracted out of the herb Rosmarinus Coronarium. It is belonged to the family of Labiatae which is also identified as incensier. This oil possesses a refreshing and a clear smell of herbs. It is also drawn out of blossoming tops throughout the distillation of the steam that yield between 1.0 and 2.0%.

Borneol a-pinene, b-pinene, bornyl acetate camphor, camphene, limonene are the chief chemical constituents of the oil. It is a soothing and refreshing smell. Its color is clear with a watery viscosity. The oil is extremely beneficial for not only for hair but contribute for number of medicinal properties.

The rosemary oil is one of the proven methods of minimizing the harshness of gray hair. Half cup of rosemary with boiled water taken after 30 minutes can be great for preventing gray hair. The prolonged use of the oil can turn your unwanted gray hair into black hair. A good time to apply the rosemary oil is during the initial stage of the graying.

If you are blond or have minimum hair, then it is wise not to use the oil. The amount of the oil and its application depends on the length and mass of your hair. Apply the oil with your fingers, and continue massaging till the oil is dried. Your gray will be gloriously conditioned and shiny.

Other hair benefits of rosemary oil

  • Keeps your scalp healthy
  • Offers maximum nourishment
  • Slows down or halts graying of stubborn hair
  • Improves overall hair health
  • Brings out natural highlights of the hair
  • Definitive solution to gray hair
  • Keeps you fresh and younger
  • Gives the joyous experience of looking mirror every morning

Sage Oil

The oil is an extract Salvia officinalis and it belongs to the family of Labiatae. It also known as other name also, like Dalmatian Sage. The plant grows maximum 2-3” high and in width also it measures just like so. It blooms in the late spring in different colors mainly pinks, white, pale. The oil is overall stimulant of brain and the hair follicles.

The sage oil can be used in various forms-vaporizers, massaging, bathing or in the form soaping. The oil varies aromatically and chemically. It mixes well with the rosemary, mandarin, lemon, oranges etc. It is used frequently in soaps, lotions, creams, cosmetics, detergents etc.

With the growing ages, the melanin starts decreasing and hair starts graying. The natural graying of hair is due to hair follicle cells which are known as the melanocytes. When the cells stop producing pigments for aging, it begins to lose the usual color of the hair and this situation leads to the change of color, mostly into gray.

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Though you can’t reverse natural cycle of whitening of gray hair, yet it is possible that you can stop untimely graying of hair. The application of Sage Oil on the scalp and massaging very well is very helpful for you to turn the hair into your hairs natural color.

Other hair benefits of sage oil

  • Retains natural pigmentation
  • Boosts blood circulation
  • Turns thin hair into thick hair
  • Blackens your hair profoundly
  • Increases the content of melanin
  • Makes hair shiny
  • Solves stress related gray hair problem

Black Seed Oil

For over 2000 years back the black seed, a plant belong to the family of Ranunculaceae has been conventionally used by different cultures all through the world. It is an excellent remedy to cure different health ailments and considered good for improving general health conditions.

As one of the oils for gray hair, Black seed Oil has already proved as the natural hair therapy for several problem of hair. In regard to height the herb grows 17-23” with white blossoms. It is mostly cultivated in East India, Turky, Russia, Syria etc. The seeds of the plant are mainly used to prepare oils.

Most of the chemical products available in these days are harmful for the hair. So it is very essential to avoid chemical based products. Limiting to the Ayurvedic products like Black Seed oil is the best for you to fight against the gray hair.

The aging or stressed life causes the pigment cells to be wearied out. Choose the herbal products to give your hair best treatment. Find the real cause of the graying of hair and proceed to get the right treatment.

Other hair benefits of black seed oil

  • Helps restore the condition of hair lose
  • Strengthens hair follicles
  • Protects and promotes melanin
  • Promotes the conditions of scalp
  • Enhances the blood circulations
  • Strengthens hair condition
  • Prevents any ailment of scalp
  • Helps to look you younger and fresh

Amla Oil

Amla was originated from the Indian plant gooseberry that is Emblicao Officinalis. Every part of the tree is made to use to treat the different problems of hair. The oil is made with the fruit of the tree Amla. The pieces of the fruits are soaked for 3-4 days in coconut or seasame oil.

Then the fruits are removed out of the oil. Now the oil is purified. It is now one of the best oils for gray hair that can be relied upon. The oil is great for hair as it is full of essential Fatty Acids that strengthen the follicles of hair. It helps to treat lose hair and cures scalp problems.

Application of the oil after shampooing acts as great conditioning of the hair. Especially, if it is dandruff that troubles your hair frequently, then Amla oil can be your best choice. So far there is no side effect reported, as long as you use the oil properly.

Other hair benefits of amla oil

  • Penetrates the oil into scalp
  • Strengthens the root of the hair
  • Acts as a powerful antioxidant
  • Improves the health of the scalp
  • Acts as a good conditioner
  • Promotes health of the hair
  • Removes unwanted flakes of scalp
  • Fixes dandruff problem

God must have been a genius in creating individual, especially women, and their hair. Never end up with dry hair. Know your hair and always be sure that you are using the right products. Dive deep into your problem and treat them in war footing. Otherwise it might be too late to do anything. One more thing, beside using these essential oils, try to consume as much vitamin and mineral rich foods, fruits, fishes, and vegetables as you can. Best Of Luck :)

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