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old man's gray hair

Gray Hair GENE Found: Can Graying be Stopped?

It has been well established for a very long period of time, that our genetic structure is responsible for the color of our hair. But, recently, the scientists have managed to pick ...
gray hair solution

When Will Gray Hair Solution Be Revealed That Discovered In 2013?

Gray hair has always been a problem for a man. It is a sign of old age, of a quiet life and of loss of strength. During the centuries, people always tended to find a solution, and the ...
do's and don'ts of gray hair

DO’s and Don’ts of Gray Hair

Of late gray hair has gone from feared to preferred as models, celebs, and young women across the world head to salons for the silver-y tone request. During the last two years, a large ...
yoga for gray hair

Utilize The Power Of YOGA To Put Off Graying Hair

Yoga asanas for grey hair can be effective in treating some of the conditions that can cause grey hair. The gray hair might be the results of some physical conditions like excessive ...
omega 3 fatty acids for gray hair

Why You Need Omega 3 Fatty Acids To Avoid Gray Hair?

If you really upset about your gray hair, you are sure to find out a way of getting out of the problem. At the same time you must be anxious over the coloring of your hair. You certainly ...
foods rich in vitamin b12

20 Foods That Are Highly Loaded With Vitamin B12

How can you get all the essential nutrients necessary for your body building? It is perhaps no longer unknown to the people that it is balanced and healthy diet that can provide your ...
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