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About Gaizupath

Gaizupath.com is a leading site which mainly provides the valuable information about the details of white hair problems like, causes of premature white hair, how the hair turns from black to grey?, why differences occur between hair colors?, how we may cautious and take the proper steps for remedy? And dealing everything about the hair related facts from root to prevent.

Our main passion is not essential only to inform messages, but also to create consciousness about the unknown facts of the white hair problem to the people to get a permanent solution of it.

It’s a very delight to inform that our expert team can be able to answer any kind of question about white hair and their first intention is to tell the solution from natural ways rather than from using medicine and even we are successful and many people who get benefits from us believe that our experts have enough potential to handle any types of cases related to grey hair.

Moreover, the visitors highly appreciate for our way of handling cases and even they have got their answers from our experts which are still now unsolved and cannot be found on other websites.

Therefore, these are the specialty of Gaizupath.com and many people commented the after getting great satisfaction from us, they have saved their money and valuable times from learning major roots of premature gray hair, the important statement of scientists, differences between ancient and recent scientific approaches, reasons behind of white hair, easy prevention like home-made solutions and natural remedies, future precautions and implications and so on just by clicking on our website rather from going to doctors and purchasing medicines.

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About Us


Habib Faruk Himel

Hi, I’m, Habib Faruk Himel and I’m the founder of Gaizupath. Though I am a graduate in Software Engineering from Daffodil International University, but have high interest in medical contents.

Therefore, I like to spend time on the recently discovered research on medical issues and now my high intention is to go through the beyond of the white hair problem and write contents about the unsolved problems of premature grey hair and take the clinical based writing from well-known medical students to aware people.

To make people more conscious and to inform them proper information about white hair have now become my passion and want to give proper awareness to people about its various problems and quick solution.

I am Asma Mahmud Moury, a 4th year medical student like to inform people about the details of premature grey hair, white hair problem for getting a quick and easy solution. The frustration of teenagers to older about premature white hair is increasing day by day.


Asma Mahmud Moury

Therefore, I am really interested to help them for taking out from this frustration. So, I want to write medical contents to give a great attention to the victims of white hair. Firstly, I want to tell them about the causes of white hair and how we prevent it very easily and what types of proper steps should be taken later for future implication.

I try to suggest that they can easily save themselves from premature white hair, if they take a few necessary steps ; like eating a healthy diet and take mainly the foods which are highly contained vitamin C&E, animal protein and avoiding raw foods and smoking habits. If the people get a lot benefits from these suggestions, then my life becomes worthy and the purpose of my life will be fulfilled.

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